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Two weeks ago I wrote a little bit about our basement flooding, but I completely forgot to mention that a very important member of the family happened to be injured in the tragedy.

Yes, Big Costco Bear got his butt soaked. At first I thought we were going to have to throw him out (sadness.), but then I realized that we could just take him to the laundromat and wash him up. But of course, we took him to the vintage / adorable laundromat, not the one that actually had ANY hope of holding a bear that’s about as tall as I am.

I’ve taken pictures in this laundromat before, and it’s honestly one of my favorite places. It feels a little like stepping back in time! These are my favorite that I’ve taken there, but it doesn’t take much since the last ones were pretty horrible ;) Example A, Example B, and Example C.

It’s a good thing Joelle and I don’t give a hoot what anybody thinks of us, because we literally climbed on top of washing machines for these pictures, and waved to people as they passed by. Most likely thinking “what the heck are those two crazies doing with a giant bear in the laundromat”. Totally worth it.

Big Costco Bear at the Laundromat-38PINIMAGE

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Right now, I am away on vacation with my family at the lake! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to type that sentence. It has been a crazy last two months, and it is so good to finally be taking a breather.

I will be back at the office on Wednesday, working all day Thursday, and then leaving again on Friday for James & Gabby’s beach wedding! So excited to drive to North Carolina to celebrate with them.

The blog may be a little quieter than usual, but that is just a-okay, and we’ll be back to our regular schedule as soon as possible ;) For now enjoy this pretty picture of a lake in Florida!


Now that we have the pool up and running, summer isn’t nearly as bad. On cooler days we can throw open the windows, and on the typical hot days we just jump in the pool! 

Joelle and I have a love for pool floats. I would much rather float in the sun than actually swim around the pool, so buying new floats is always a great investment for me ;) I’m sure you’ve seen the donut floats ‘floating’ around (hahaha, I crack myself up), and I really wanted one last year but decided not to get one. This year I couldn’t take it anymore, and Joelle and I both got one! They will be so much fun at the lake – which by the way, we’re leaving for tomorrow morning!!

This float really is as big and wonderful as everyone says it is. So wonderful, in fact, that we bought the oh-so-popular white swan float too ;) It should come in sometime today, and we’re so excited to try it out!

We took pictures similar to these last year, and those pictures make me so happy when I look back at them, so I thought why not recreate them? :)

Donut Float-23PINIMAGE

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. How is Evan getting ready for his senior year?? Time is seriously flying by, because he has grown up so much! Seriously, UP. Haha!

I photographed his brother Elliott and his sister Kathryn when they were seniors, and now there’s only one Leichty kid left! I had such a great time catching up with them on Sunday evening, and hearing a little bit more about his plans for next year. I really can’t believe so much time has gone by! It’s crazy.

Evan Leichty 2017 Senior Rustic Barn Session_0043PINIMAGE

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  • Davene Grace - Wow, Emily! These are so great!! Every time I see Evan (the same with Grant, too!), I’m astonished. Can it be that long ago that I first met them??

    That’s so neat that you’ve gotten to photograph all of them so far for their senior pictures. :)ReplyCancel