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A Sweet Surprise


This little shoot was so much fun!! I was going to just share the photos from it, but I’ve had a lot of questions as to how it was set up! So I set it all up again to show you :) I found a similar idea on Pinterest, so I put my own little spin on it!

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Emily Ann - SO cool!!!!

Styling an Engagement Session
8 Tips for Looking Your Best


With all my engagement sessions coming up this year, the question I’m asked the most is “what should we wear??”! And I completely understand! Picking out an outfit or two that will define who you are as a couple seems like a daunting task ;) But it’s really pretty simple!! Just remember, these are all suggestions, not rules! That’s the fun thing about fashion, you can make your own rules! These tips will help get you started in finding that perfect outfit :) {with the most important tip at the end!!}

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Weekly Recap


I am not a writer, but I have always enjoyed blogging! Back in 2007, when I first started blogging, writing is all I did!! Once I really got into photography, my long blog posts seemed to dwindle off. But now I’m excited to be starting a mini series, where hopefully every Tuesday I’ll get to have a chance to write a little bit more than usual, and give you a small glimpse into my everyday life! :)

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Jackie - this and that Tuesdays, coffee chats (or something else about talking over coffee- that’s what your post reminds me of), or everything Emily

Cati - I’ve been thinking about this all day and haven’t really come up with much. I agree with Jackie. I like “Everything Emily” or even “Everyday Emily”. Or maybe “Casual Conversations” or “Talk-Through Tuesdays”… or if you want to avoid alliteration :-), how about “Let’s Catch Up” or “Catch Up with Emily”. I don’t know…. this is tough. :-)

Samantha - Ugh, I totally agree with you on the name part! I’m terrible at coming up with names for things, haha! But, after some brainstorming I came up with…

Tuesday’s with Emily
Life with Emily
Emily’s Life
Lovin’ Life with Emily
Teal Tuesdays (sooo random, haha!)

Heidi - I asked Olivia what your blog name should be and she shook her head “yes”. Maybe she will give you some inspiration on Thursday.

Hosanna - ~Coffee with Emily~
~Coffee Conversations~
~Coffee Date~
~Coffee and Conversation~
~Teal, Tuesdays, and Time~
~The Pineapple Chronicles~ (that one’s a long shot!)
That’s all I have for now. :)

Moriah N - Hmmm…”Golden Moments”, “Coffee with Jesus”(I’ve actually done an IG series like this), “Coffee with Emily”, “Pineapples, Coffee, and Emily”, “The Weekly Latte”(or however you like your coffee ;) ).

Red hair don’t care


A couple months ago, I bought a red wig! Online, the wig wasn’t nearly and bright red as it is in person!! But I fixed it quite a lot in editing! :) I have always wanted to die my hair red, but there is no way I could do it!! I’m way too attached to my natural blonde hair :)

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Elly - You look great with red hair! ;)


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