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Holy gorgeousness, this post is one of my new favorites!! I absolutely love these engagement photos of Ryan & Katie! They told me at the beginning of the session that they weren’t models, but ummm… I beg to differ ;)

We actually had to reschedule this sunrise session, because there was a little bit of a hair and makeup fiasco! But the next day dawned just as bright (and probably even MORE gorgeous), and we had the most fun time together! I wish I could shoot at sunrise every day <3 It is seriously the prettiest light!!

We started out with a fancy outfit on top of a parking garage, and I love the mix of classy with urban! These two are so stylish. Katie seriously looked like an angel in the sun with her white dress! After the Downtown Harrisonburg photos, we moved over to the JMU Quad, which honestly could have been a disaster, because it was Freshmen Move In day! But somehow we were blessed with basically zero people on the Quad, and I’m still a little bit in shock. That never happens!

Ryan & Katie, you two have been such a huge blessing to me! Can’t wait for your wedding next May! It will be here before we know it :)

Ryan Spitzel & Katie McVicar Engaged - Engagement Session in Downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, and JMU Quad, James Madison University_0025PINIMAGE

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Right now, Joelle and I are on our way to the airport! She is so excited to fly for the very first time, and I am so glad I get to be the one to take her. I know she’s going to love it!

In just a few hours we’ll land in sunny Florida, and hopefully it won’t be too hot. Who am I kidding? It’s Florida in August. We’re going to be miserable.

I can’t wait to see Kate!! I haven’t been to Florida since February, and since then her and Ron have bought a new house! Joelle and I get to be the first ones in the family to see it, and we’re very excited to have an actual guest bedroom, instead of sleeping in the living room ;) YAY FOR SPACE.


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Literally about 5 seconds ago I looked at my calendar and thought “CRAP. IT’S WEDNESDAY”. I mean, I knew it was Wednesday, but for some reason my Wrap Up post completely slipped my mind. Probably because I have SO much to get done today, and I’m just hoping I’ll have enough time! For the past week, I’ve been making a mental list of everything I have to do today.

Tomorrow Joelle and I are catching a flight to Florida! This will be her first time flying ever, so if you remember, please be praying that she’ll have a wonderful experience! I absolutely love flying, but I know that all it takes is one bad experience to sour the whole thing – especially for an 11 year old.

On my list of things to do today was answer all the emails I had collecting in my inbox. I’m usually very good about keeping it at zero, but lately I’ve had a weird influx of emails that take a lot of thinking before responding to! Things like business deals and feature posts, and just in general emails that are best left until I have a few extra minutes to really spend time on it.

Thankfully, that has already been checked off my list! It’s only 8:30am, and I’ve gone for a sunrise run (they’re my favorite! I love getting up before the heat and humidity sets in), answered all my emails, and now I’m working on this post. Unfortunately, that was not on my list, but I think I’ll write it down just so I can cross it off. Yes, I’m that person.

Last Thursday, Joelle and I drove to Charlottesville to go ice skating! We have really missed having a rink basically in our backyard (it will come back in November), so for now we have to settle for driving an hour to skate. Totally worth it ;) After skating, we were super hungry, so we stopped by Ben & Jerry’s for our favorite flavor – The Tonight Dough!

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Where do I even begin with this wedding? I think the thing that stood out to me the most from Chris & Alexis’s wedding day, was how calm and relaxed they were, and just their genuine excitement to see all their friends and family! This wedding was definitely one for the books, one of the main reasons being a tornado/hurricane/hailstorm (whatever you want to call it, it was a massive storm!!) came through right in the middle of the ceremony!

The officiant rushed to the First Kiss, and it was a mad dash back up the aisle and to the tent! Rain was seeping in through the bottom, the winds lifting the sides of the tent up, and everyone was soaking wet. But even still, Chris & Alexis were just so thrilled to be married, and never once complained!

Thankfully, the storm only lasted for about 15 minutes more, and afterwards we were blessed with a gorgeous rainbow, and even some golden light for bride & groom portraits!! 

Congratulations, Chris & Alexis!!

Chris Redifer & Alexis Cook Wedding at On Sunny Slope Farm in Harrisonburg Virginia_0050PINIMAGE

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