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And Oliver Turns Five


I can’t believe my baby is five! He just gets cuter with each new year :) I am SO glad we got all that extra hair on his ears cut, because now it doesn’t look like he has pigtails.

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rachel cartucci - Oh sweet doggie baby!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!! Great pics

Amy Orvin - Oliver is so adorable! Happy Birthday.
My baby is turning 5 in January. I can’t believe it either. ;)

Ron & Kate | Proposal
Proposal at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Downtown Tampa, Florida


This is such a special post for me to write!! My oldest sister is engaged! Mom, Joelle, and I drove down to Florida on Monday (15 hours, yaaaaaay), and I got to photograph Ron proposing to Kate Tuesday morning at sunrise! It was an incredibly beautiful morning. But also insanely humid. I’ll do a post later showing how terrified I was of the humidity fogging up my lenses!! AHHHH!

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rhonda huffman - The black and white picture is my favorite

Emily - Aww… this is too cute! i love her reaction both to the proposal and your family being there. So sweet!

Emily Ann - OH MY GOSH! This is the sweetest! You captured the emotions SO WELL! Awwww!!!

Elizabeth - Her reaction to him proposing and also to seeing you guys is so precious!

Marie - I love the use of red and white

Ruby Showalter - I love these!!! It’s so special that you got to be a part of her big moment!

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