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I honestly think that my mechanic thinks I’m crazy, because he sees me all the time. Most normal people get the oil changed in their car every 3000 miles, which usually takes about 3 months. But me? My appointments are made for once a month. A month and a half, if I’m lucky! And it’s not that I enjoy spending money on oil changes, or that the drive to my mechanic is just so fun, it just doesn’t take very long for me to drive 3000 miles! Seriously, it has gotten so out of hand, my mechanic even asked me “where on earth do you go??”, haha!

Last Wednesday was the premier of Designated Survivor, and holy crap is it good!! I am so excited to continue watching this season. Unfortunately, it comes on at 10pm, and me being the grandma that I am, that’s way too late to start a tv show. Thankfully, Hulu comes to my rescue and I watch it the next day!

Speaking of Hulu, Quantico has been taken off!! Of course, I discovered this the day after I stopped watching it on tv halfway through to go to bed, because “oh, I’ll just watch it on Hulu tomorrow!”. Not so. But praise the Lord sing hallelujah, ABC has the full episodes for me to watch <3 Thanks, ABC.

Like I told my Instagram followers, I am the queen of buying random but hilarious t-shirts. As evidenced by Burt Macklin, Fleece Navidad, pizza shirt, and donut shirt. ;)

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We had to reschedule this engagement session once due to the threat of rain, and even though the rain cleared out after a few minutes, it was still damp and cloudy. I am so glad Aldin & Rachel were willing to wait another two weeks, because we got the most amazing sunlight! We also got eaten alive by mosquitos, but oh well ;)

I actually had the chance to meet Rachel back in 2014, when she asked to get together to learn more about photography and her camera! We went to a local park, and had so much fun practicing on my little sister! :) Rachel is so sweet, and when I got the email saying that her and Aldin were engaged, I was so excited for her!!

I am so very honored to be their wedding photographer, and to show you their love story through pictures. I can’t wait for their wedding next June!

Faithbrooke was so welcoming in letting us use their venue for pictures. I was so excited when I drove onto the property and saw a vintage Ford truck sitting on the lawn! The entire venue is just stunning, and I would love to photograph a wedding here some day!


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If you are a wedding photographer, and you don’t know about the glory that is dental waxjust you wait. I am getting ready to blow your mind!

This is a pretty well known trick in the photography industry, but I thought I’d share about it anyway! If I can help just one photographer, then I’m happy :)

Basically, dental wax allows you to move and position the rings in fun and crazy ways. The dental wax acts like a sticky ‘glue’, and holds the rings in place. But don’t worry, brides, it peels right off! :)


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