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I’m working on a really cool new project for the future brides of Emily Sacra Photography, and for it I needed new headshots! It was very last minute, and the light in my office was fading fast, but I managed to coerce Joelle into taking a few!

Then I all but forced Oliver to be in a few, because he is way cuter than I am, and he was needed for my project too ;)

I am so excited to finish these fun projects, so I can start blessing my brides!!


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So what is the biggest thing that happened this week? I FINISHED MY TAXES. This is something I’ve been dreading for a few months now, but I knew it would be easier than when I had to do my 2014 taxes, because I was so diligent last year about keeping track of all my bills and expenses. However, while doing my taxes this year I realized that it would make my life SO much easier next tax season if I went ahead and separated my expenses by the IRS’s categories. So now I’m armed with highlighters and everything is color coded! Just the way I like it :)

My mom is amazing at all things taxes and accounting, so she’s been the one to do my taxes in the past. But this year I decided that I really need to learn how to do it myself. So even though I’m sure it was painful for mom to have to watch me slowly figure out the steps she knows by heart, I feel so confident about next year, and hopefully being able to do my taxes completely by myself.

I have some pretty exciting news about February! On the 21st I will be hopping on a plane and heading to sunny Florida!

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This post is very important to me. It has been a year and a half in the making! A few months before Jenny got married, she moved to the basement, allowing Joelle and I to have separate rooms for the first time in 8 years. I am a very picky person, and I knew exactly how I wanted things, but in those 8 years, my room was never the way I wanted it. I had to juggle two twin size beds, and a second persons wants and needs as well. So once I finally had the room to myself, I set out to make my room/office dreams come true! It has been a long process, but I feel that it is finally over. I have accomplished everything I set out to do!

I knew I wanted there to be plenty of space, and LOTS of white. I am a very clean person, and white reflects that so well! But of course there needed to be lots of teal and gold sprinkled in, to reflect my brand. I wanted my room and office to feel like a real-life representation of my business, and I think I’ve done just that! I am constantly dusting, vacuuming, and making sure it stays looking beautiful.

I used to think that I just really loved change. But I’ve come to realize that I only want to change things that don’t perfectly fit my vision. When I shared a room with Joelle, I used to change it all the time, whether that be the paint color, or just moving the beds around. But I have barely changed my room in the last year and a half, only adding or taking a few things away. Everything is exactly the way I want it, and there’s nothing I would change! Well, I guess the only thing I wish I could change is the carpet to hardwood floors, but that’s a bit out of my budget ;)

At the end of this post are a few links to what our room was before, and some of the updates I’ve made along the way. And now, without further ado, the final reveal!

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Ever since I got my concussion, it seems like I’ve lost the will to eat. I just have not been hungry at all! And when you’re doing keto, it’s hard to just pick something up and eat it, because you have to really plan out your meals and snacks. So not having a lot of keto food in the house + not having an appetite basically added up to me not eating anything for almost a week. Which is obviously not good!

So I decided that I was going to go off keto and just eat whatever I wanted for a day or two! I thought that might help get my appetite back. And while the food that I ate was delicious, it didn’t help anything. Haha! I just felt so stuffed all the time, because I was eating but I still wasn’t hungry for anything I was eating. So now I’m back on keto, and while I’m still not hungry, I’m trying to force myself to eat.

The first day I went off keto, I treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts breakfast <3


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