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Joelle wanted to get a new desk from IKEA, so last Saturday we made the drive up to Woodbridge. Her and I have also been feeling the desperate need to go ice skating again, because our local rink is closed until November, and the other rink we’d usually go to is closed for the summer.

When we decided to go to Woodbridge, I looked up ice rinks near the IKEA there, and found one only 15 minutes away! So we went to IKEA for lunch (Swedish meatballs… duh), then went ice skating, and then came back to IKEA to look around.

IKEA on a Saturday is absolute mayhem. Never again. There were people everywhere. That didn’t stop us from posing in one of their kitchen setups and pretending like it was ours ;)

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I don’t know why we call Oliver a bunny. In fact, we call all dogs bunnies, and it just feels right ;) Anytime we see a dog, we say “Look! It’s a bunny!!”

I think it started when I came up with the name Bunnifer The Third for him (don’t ask me why. I have no idea.), and eventually it got shortened to Bunny. It just fits.

Last Saturday, Oliver had his 6th birthday! I had actually planned to have this post done by Saturday, but life got in the way so here we are! I took his birthday pictures the day before, and he did so well. This dog puts up with my crazy photoshoots better than most humans.


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Well first of all. You remember that bag I was talking about in my last Wednesday Wrap Up? I’m sure it will come as no shock to you all that I did end up buying it. I am just too OCD to leave things up in those tabs and not buy them (and of course, I can’t just delete the tab… what if I forget about it??). This is a terrible thing to know about myself.

But the good news is that it came in and I love it! It is the perfect bag. Joelle and I are flying to Florida at the end of August, and I’m so excited to get to use it as my personal item! It will for sure be the prettiest bag in the airport ;)

I am having a giveaway on my Instagram! Yesterday morning I decided that there had been far too many frustrations surrounding Instagram lately (hashtags being down, apps crashing…), and I wanted to bring some joy back into it. So I went out and bought a $50 Target gift card and a $20 gift card, and you have until August 1st to enter! There will be two winners. Enter here!!

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Last Wednesday I had some free time, so I decided to see if Olivia was free for the day! I don’t watch her weekly anymore, so I hardly ever see her! I picked her up and took her to play at the park. She has gotten so big, and is really talking now!

She loved climbing through the structures, swinging on the swings, and twirling down the slide! We’re right in the middle of summertime, and even though it was still mid-morning, it got hot fast! So we left the park and came home for lunch.

Like any 2 year old, Olivia would much rather eat what you are eating than what she is eating. So in the hopes of getting her to eat her pasta, I switched it with my salad, but unfortunately it backfired and she ended up liking my salad better. Sorry, sweet thing, it’s mine ;)

After lunch, we hopped in the pool! We have a solar cover on it, so it keeps the water super warm. She had so much fun! Don’t judge the mid-day sun and blue water reflecting on their faces ;)

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