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Have camera, will take pictures…

Sorry about the lack of posting around here… *ahem* But I do have SOOOO many mini-shoots to post on here… sometime :) But for now, I’ll just share a few.
OK, a lot.
Spur of the moment, we packed a lunch and headed to one of the local parks for me to take (what do you know) MORE pictures!!!
That’s as close to a smile as we could get :)
I like this one… so artistic! Which I am not… :)
The ducks there are so friendly!
It’s been pretty hot the last few days, and Joelle has been begging (Literally. Begging) to get out her slip-n-slide. We always say that even though it’s hot outside, the water is still cold. But she keeps on and on and on until finally I said that MAYBE, if we get it out, she will LEAVE US BE!!!

So I set it up.

And while she slipped and, uh… slid, I tanned burned on my bee-u-tiful new towel:

Seriously, who doesn’t like the colors red, white and black??? And it’s giraffe print to boot!!! :)

By the way, take a look at her new swim suit! Old Navy – of course! Following in her sisters footsteps! :)

My swim suit came from Target. I went to get it this afternoon, and couldn’t find the straps… gonnahavetofixthat :)

And yes, by the end, she was very cold. Hate to tell you I told you so, Joelle, but… I TOLD YOU SO!!! :)

On Sunday afternoon, Dad took us to Silver Lake.

This shot reminds me of the beach. *sniff* I want to go to the beach SO BAD!!!

The iheartfaces theme this week was ‘Yellow’, and I went around the house on Monday snapping pictures like a maniac, and didn’t find one that I liked enough. So here are my ‘Yellow’ pictures that didn’t quite cut it for the likes of iheartfaces :)

And last, but not least, my favorite quote:

‘The secret to finding something that’s lost is knowing where it’s at.’

Katherine - These are great!!! I always enjoy looking at your photos

Anna Gray - You are simply an amazing photographer, Emily! I enjoy coming here and looking at all of your photos.

This must be your true passion, I take it? ♥

Sereina - I love these photos!

Emma - I love all of these! I especially like the one of your sister pretending to be hook …. I think? Her swimsuit is adorable :) I got my swimsuit from target too :) IT’s a small world :)


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