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Summer May Now Begin!!!

I am officially DONE with 8th grade (And Algebra 1!!! :) Summer vacation has started! Although today does NOT feel like Summer :(
Wet, cold, rainy. :P
I know I have totally been slacking on posting, so here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Jenny came home safely from Canada and New York and gave me this sweet keychain! I didn’t put it on my purse, because when Kate came back from Europe and brought me a keychain, the middle part fell out :(
My amazing daddy had a birthday on May 5th!!!
We called it his ‘junk food birthday’ :) He got cookies, Little Debbies, sodas, and all kinds of junky stuff :)
Happy {late} birthday daddy! I love you!!!

AND… Kate turned 20 on May 9th!!!

Kate made a homemade carrot cake! Even though I don’t like carrot cake, it was pretty good :)

Happy birthday sis! Love you!

We went to the library the other week and I got 9 books on photography. I’m still working on that big one :)

Hooty-Who continues to watch over my room on his throne (My shelf).



Can’t wait to post my pictures from the EMHS’ 2010 Spring Musical :)

And speaking of Summer…

This Summer we’re headed to Tennessee!!! 

I can’t wait! We are going with some friends (Fisher’s and Leichty’s) for a convention. More later :) 



Davene - So which of the photography books has been the most helpful? Which of them is “dumb” enough that I could actually understand? :)

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