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Just to let you know, I am having lot’s of trouble these days coming up with witty titles. I’m running out of ideas :) So ‘Water’ is good enough for now…
¬†Yesterday I was over at the Fisher’s babysitting (Although it doesn’t really feel like babysitting because we always have so much fun :). The boys decided it was SUPER hot, so we turned on the hose and made a waterslide!
And then they decided that the sprinkler would be much more fun!!!
Haha! That one’s my favorite :)
Awww :)
Banquet is tonight!!! I’ll have tons of pictures for you! :)

Sereina - I agree! I looks like to much fun to be babysitting! Lovely pictures too!


Emily Shae - So fun, Emily. You have adorable siblings.

You know, I have that same problem, too. With coming up with witty post titles, I mean. I’ve stared using little quotes as my titles….you could try doing that if you ever need a differnt and unexpected title!


Samantha - Adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Anna Gray - Awww! What cute pictures! Looks like you all had a BLAST! =)

Davene - Thanks SO MUCH, Emily! The boys love time with you! And I love being able to cook dinner without a thousand interruptions… :)

Sprinkler pictures are so funny. The faces they make!

Elyssa - These are really great! They made me smile. Looks like a lot of fun! I also love those shots of baby Kristen!

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