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Observations of my Morkie

  1. He is STUBBORN! I knew going into this {buying a Morkie} that he would be stubborn. All Yorkie’s {with the exception of a few} are stubborn! As well as difficult to train :) Knowing this, I was pleasantly surprised with how well he’s doing! Especially with house training :) He does occasionally have accidents, but he is only 12 weeks old! But, for only being 12 weeks old, he is doing remarkably well :)
  2. He is intelligent! I also knew that my Morkie would be intelligent. Maltese are known to be very smart! So with Oliver being stubborn AND intelligent, I knew it might not be a winning combination :) And I was right! But it’s not always bad. It is very good at times. For instance, Oliver is very quick to learn! Just today, after less than 20 minutes, Oliver learned the basics of ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’!
  3. He is playful! One of the things I love the most about my Morkie, is that he can be running around and playing, but when I pick him up and cuddle him, he’ll settle right down and sleep :) He is the best! I absolutely love that about him! His favorite toys are his rope, bone shaped rawhides, plastic duck squeaky toy, and an old plastic, clear butter bowl! Imagine that! Actually in my {very limited} experience, Morkie’s don’t need expensive, store-bought toys {though it’s so tempting to buy them!}. Oliver is perfectly happy playing with cheap-o toys like butter bowls :)
  4. He is adorable! This is a no brainer! :) Whenever I take Oliver out in public, people rush over and ask all about him! Trust me, Morkie’s make you the most popular person in the store :)
  5. He is family. Even dad, who drug his feet the longest, absolutely loves Oliver! It helps that he doesn’t shed or smell :) So Oliver really has become family, although I’m sure whichever breed you have {or get}, it will become family :)

 So those are my observations! Maybe if I think of more, I’ll add more :) 

    Misty - So cute… Those things are also very true about our Yorkie-poo. His favorite toy is an empty water bottle!

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