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Oliver is Sitting!

Yay for Oliver!!! We have taught him how to sit! It only took like, 2 days! I’m super proud of him ;)
So here is some proof of Oliver’s awesomeness…
Just so you know, I really DID tell him to sit :) You just can’t hear it on the video :)
And maybe some better proof of him sitting ;) {P.S. sorry for the bad Blogger quality videos… :P}
And this is Joelle being… Joelle :) I have no idea what exactly she’s talking about… Something about her birthday, hayrides, and weather :) Haha!
And another video of my adorable little sister! I can’t believe that tomorrow she’ll be 6!!!
 And a picture of me with my new haircut!
 Joelle took it and it’s slightly blurry, but you get the gist of it ;) I really like it! It’s so much easier to take care of! And it feels much lighter :)
 And ever since she started her own blog, Joelle has been going photo-crazy… like me :) She loves taking pictures with her camera {My old Sony Cybershot. I gave it to her when I got Gidget. OK, so maybe not GAVE ;)}, so every once in a while I’ll upload her pictures and she’ll pick the ones she wants for her blog… Sometimes her posts can be very interesting ;) She totally LOVES this picture, and I was like ‘Ooooh, OK, whatever… it’s your blog!’. But then, not that I have much room to talk… I LOVED this picture too :) I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread! ;) And now I see the error in my ways :/ Haha! 
But anyway, maybe there IS another photographer in the family! I can just tell by these pictures that she’ll be a great photographer one day!
{She added the flowers to make it more ‘artistic’ :) It worked, don’t you think?} I can’t wait to see what else Joelle will come up with!
{P.S. This is the LAST DAY Joelle will be 5! Happy Birthday-Eve Joelle!!!}


Amber Noella - Aww, she’s ADORABLE! I love it.
Also, how do you upload videos on the computer? Do you need to buy some kind of software or something?

Emilie - Hey! It is really exciting that you taught your dog to sit! I remember how exciting that was with Tucker(My 5 month old Golden-Doodle)! You sister is really cute!

♥shybutterfly♥ - congratulations to your dog! now he’s ready to relax and sit pretty..~_~ you’re sister’s sooo cute! i wish to follow her blog as well..:)

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