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On My To-Do List…

Apparently, Joelle thought that our room needed to be cleaned… which it did :) And in case you couldn’t read the last line, it says ‘Hug Oliver’ :) ‘Oluvr’ sounds good enough, right??? :) And why not spell ‘clean’ ‘klen’? I’m sure it sounds right to a 5 {soon to be 6} year old!
And yes, I totally need to paint my nails… I can’t STAND not having my toe nails painted! My toe nails have had polish on them for over 2 years. Never taken off except to re-apply :) I have gotten a lovely collection of polish! Reds, pinks, whites, blues, oranges, purples… Oh yes!
And by the way… does this post remind anyone of this one? :)

{By the way, I thought I’d clarify that’s it’s not ME who’s taking a nap, it’s Oliver’s nap :) He needs to be in his cage for a little every day.}

Hannah M - Emily,

In answer to your question on my blog, no the texture I used wasn’t a Halloween texture. The normal textures are in the “effects” section towards the buttom under “artistic”. They actually have a pretty nice supply, and you can do several things with them, too.

Hope this worked for you…Let me know if you still can’t find it, okay?


bekahcubed - Your to-do list sounds positively enchanting. I’d like “have naptime” on my list as well :-)

As far as that last item, I felt like I was decoding a personalized license plate. “Hug O Lov’r” was my first interpretation–but I didn’t really think you were the type of girl to have a “lover” you were hugging. Now, hugging OLIVER–that definitely sounds okay :-)

It’s always fun when littler folks are first learning to spell!

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