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One year from today…

I WILL GET MY LEARNERS!!! :) Yay!!! I looked back to see what I wrote about this last year, and I was super excited to get my learners in TWO years :) {Wow! I can’t believe a whole year has gone by!!! I totally remember everything I did that day! No, seriously! I remember I wrote my ‘Adventures in Sandland’ post :P, and I was sitting in Jenny’s room typing on the laptop! Weird…} I also wrote about how I need to brake softer… Mission Accomplished!!!
I’ve been practicing lots :) Or, whenever dad will take me to the school parking lot… :)
AND OLIVER IS COMING TODAY!!! I couldn’t be more excited! Everything is ready for him! :) 
This weekend is the Relief Sale {It snuck up on me this year!}, and mom is still head of the Food Committee :) Basically, she oversees every little particle of food that enters the fair grounds. Not a bad job! Haha! :) I’m going this morning with Kathryn, and then this afternoon {at 4:00} dad’s taking me to pick up Oliver!!! 
Have a great day everyone!!!

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