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Things I Love – #3

The outdoor version!
1. Bright Leaves Aren’t they so pretty? I love all the reds, oranges and yellows!
2. Fall Colors I love these pictures so much, I definitely want to do another post of them! Only one for now…
3. Rope Toys This thing keeps Oliver entertained for a long time! He loves to swing it around and chew it up :) It’s probably his favorite toy! I do need to get him a soft baby chew toy though… He loves chewing on everything!
4. My Shoes! These are my favorite tennis shoes I’ve owned! Probably because they don’t really look like tennis shoes… I have no idea why, but I just love them :) Once I outgrow them {Or wear them out!}, I’ll definitely buy another pair!
5. Joelle-The-Photographer Joelle now uses my old Sony Cybershot, and she loves taking pictures! It’s interesting to see her view on things :)
6. Bright Blue Sky Even though I’m really hoping that Fall is on its way, I’m OK with a blue sky :) My grandma told me an old wives tale this evening… Something like ‘When cats sneeze and dogs eat grass, cold weather will come to pass’. Today Morroco sneezed, and Oliver was eating grass! I am SO not superstitious, just thought it was interesting!
7. The 75mm Lens SUPER handy for getting way up or way far away photos! Like this one:
8. Fall Mums We have lots of Mums out front, and they certainly make our porch much prettier!
9. Pumpkins We only have one this year, but I still love them and look forward to buying some {or one!} every year!
10. Chalk I have a whole set of these pictures, so maybe I should make a separate post about chalk too! So after I made the neighbors wonder what on EARTH I was doing by laying on the driveway taking pictures of chalk… I bring you this picture:
Feel free to make your own ‘What I Love’ posts! If you do, leave me a comment telling me you did!

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