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Welcome Home Oliver!

I love my puppy! He is absolutely adorable, and the sweetest puppy ever!
See?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He is super tiny too :)
Here is where he sleeps. I also slept here too :) Just for one or two nights though! It helped him sleep last night since I was there, because he would wake up every two or so hours and whine, and I would stick my hand in the cage and he’d lick it and fall back asleep :) :) :)
He just loves to be near people!
Me and my Oliver!!!
Kate and Oliver {Yes, she fell in love too :)}
I will not mention how he has had numerous accidents, or how I just had to sneak away from him so he wouldn’t know that I was gone :) :) :) :) He just loves me :) Haha! Or how I had to miss the Relief Sale to stay home with him {But hey, it’s OK. I HAVE A PUPPY!!! There’s always next year :)}, or how it’s like he almost refuses to use the bathroom outside…
Nope! I will NOT mention any of that! I’ll just say that he’s the sweetest, most cuddly, tiniest, most adorable little puppy ever!!!
And hopefully, house training will come to him :)
{Please, please, please :)}

Maya'lee - Oh, he’s SO SO cute! I’ve been wanting a puppy for a long time, but it isn’t an option with my current family circumstances. But your little Oliver is ADORABLE!!!

Misty - Adorable!! Our Ollie is bigger than Oliver. Is Oliver a Yorkie? How old is he? Give him time with the house training. Our Ollie is almost 4 months and has only had one accident so far. Much better than I expected!

Emily Joy - Thanks Misty! Oliver is 10 weeks old :) Oliver is doing AMAZINGLY well since I wrote this :) LOL! He only has about 1 accident a day!!! I’m very impressed :) And he’s a Morkie – cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie.

Nina - WOW, Oliver has grown!

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