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Of Playdough and Sunshine

I helped Joelle make some playdough this afternoon, and it turned out great! We used 4 neon colors: pink, purple, green, and blue!
 I love the lighting in the dining room! If only I could turn it into my studio… :)
 My little playdough men!
My adorable/fluffy puppy after his bath!
We even have the back door open today!!! However, I had to teach Oliver to NOT scratch the screen… One trip to the laundry room {his place of punishment :) If he’s biting/barking, we’ll say ‘Oliver! Do you want to go to the utility room?’, and most of the time he’ll stop because he hates it out there!} took care of that!
How wonderful is that??? Almost 80 degrees in February! Although I know it won’t stay, I wish it would! It feels wonderful!!!
Because it felt so wonderful, we decided to go to our church’s playground.
Oliver LOVED it and ran and ran and ran!
 Hey look! It’s me! :)
I love her eyelashes!
These next 4 are SOOC, and I’m so happy I could get them shooting in full sun!
Isn’t she the cutest thing???
 My baby blowing away in the wind.
 Me and Ollie-Bear!!!
 Can you tell I love glasses shots???
Why yes, Joelle and I are standing on the fence.
*these cows kept on staring at me!!!*
My little darling was exhausted when we got home!!!
My new favorite YouTube-er’s are… RHETT AND LINK!!! I actually heard about them first as ‘The Bentley Brother’s’ from Jelly Telly {the new Veggie Tales} :)
So go watch one {or two, or three…}! They are so much fun!

Sarah-Anne - awesome, emily! it’s supposed to be near 70 this weekend, and i can’t. wait. :D

Sara Anderson - I love these shots! ( The lighting IS amazing! =) ) And lucky you got 80 degree weather! We were up to probably 60…then a big snow storm came in and dumped over 3 inches of snow on us!! Gotta love Utah weather!!

Tess - Emily I love the pictures! were do you live it looks so prity from the pitures!!!!!!!

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