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I came, I saw, I charged!

Yesterday, mom, Kate, Jenny, and I took the whole day and went SHOPPING!!! We went up to Short Pump {about 2 hours away} and shopped there, because the mall there is FABULOUS!!! I’ve never been to a cooler mall! It really makes our mall look small and dinky {which it is}…
 First, I’ll write about EVERYTHING we did, and then I post some pictures! If you want to skip out on my rants and raves about our shopping trip, just scroll down to the pictures :)
Dad had the day off, so he stayed home with Joelle and Oliver! Dad and Joelle had a blast! They went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, Joelle bought another Webkinz, dad mowed, they went out for pizza, went to the Shenandoah Farmer’s Market, and had a relaxed evening :) We {meaning mom, Kate, Jenny, and I} were SO relieved that Joelle wasn’t with us! We love her SO much, but after about 10 minutes of shopping at our regular mall, she is DONE! And the car ride would have been awful for her too… THANK YOU DADDY for watching Joelle and Oliver for us :)
We left the house at around 8:30am, and went to Mr. J’s Bagel’s! That was a surprise :) We were going to eat pancakes at home, but then mom said we were NOT and drove to Mr. J’s instead!!! I got a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on an egg bagel, and it was DELICIOUS! We ate in the car, went to the bank really quick, and then were on our way!!!
We drove the whole way there with no pit stops, and listened to Kate’s iPod. We FINALLY got there at around 10:45am, and after Jenny kept on telling mom to ‘Go LEFT! Go LEFT!’, we found a parking space, and our shopping began!!!
Yesterday was GORGEOUS!!! It stayed around 80 degrees all day long!!! The sky was super blue, and when we would walk out into the town centers, it would feel SO nice! All the flowers were blooming, and the trees looked lovely! There was also a breeze, which felt amazing! I’m so glad it was a perfect day :)
Here’s a list of all the stores we went to {in order of when we went there!}:
H&M, Macy’s Delia’s, American Eagle, Express, LOFT, Children’s Place, New York and CO, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Urban Outfitters, Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor, Christopher and Bank, J. Crew, LOFT, Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom’s, Everything But Water, Guess, Banana Republic, Apple Computers, White House | Black Market, abercrombie, Pottery Barn, Francesca’s Collections, Godiva Chocolates, Anthropology.
First, I’ll show you a picture of the map, so you can get a feel as to where we were :) You may scroll back up to these pictures whenever you feel like you need to :)
 ^ Upper level
^ Lower Level
Basically, the white is where you can look down {the mall is two levels}, so you ‘walk’ along the side of the colors, and then can look down {from the top level} to the town part of the lower level.
Kate and Jenny said that H&M was amazing, and since it was one of the very first shops, we went there first! We were NOT impressed! However, I found out when we got home that H&M has TWO levels, so we completely missed the lower level! Oops!
Then we went to Macy’s! I had NEVER been there before! It’s just like a JCPenny or Belk, but way more expensive :) Kate and Jenny got tired after a while, so they left Macy’s and went to Delia’s and American Eagle. I found a really cute shirt at Macy’s, but it was $30 and I had barely looked at the rest of the stores!!! So we said that if I still liked it at the end of the day, we’d come back to get it {we didn’t}.
So then mom and I left Macy’s and went to find Kate and Jenny at Delia’s or AE. First we went to Delia’s, and they had AWFUL stuff! The stuff in the catalogs are cute, and I was looking for a red polka dot dress, but it wasn’t there :( Nothing in there interested me, and Kate and Jenny weren’t there, so we found them at AE. I didn’t really find anything there either, and neither did Kate or Jenny, so we went to Express, where we criticized their fake models :) We found nothing there either, so we headed down the escalators to the town center.
Kate said that she really wanted to go to LOFT, but Jenny and I thought that it was a furniture store {loft beds, right? It’s not that crazy!}, but we grudgingly went along. Let me just tell you that LOFT is the most fabulous CLOTHES store! They were having a 40% off sale, and if they had not have had that sale there is no way I could have bought anything there! We shopped and shopped and shopped! Probably for at least 45 minutes to an hour!!! Kate was in heaven, and Jenny and I loved it too :) I ended up buying a peach ruffly dress, but it needed a jacket to go with it, and the jacket I wanted was like, $80… WITH the 40% off!!! Yes, everything in this mall was EXPENSIVE!!!
So Kate was still shopping at LOFT when Jenny and I were finished, so Jenny went off somewhere, and mom and I went to The Children’s Place right across from LOFT to look for stuff for Joelle. EVERYTHING in there was ADORABLE, but expensive :) So mom and I met Jenny at a smaller-than-the-town-center-fountain fountain, and then mom and I walked right over to New York and CO while Jenny went to Bath and Body Works. I LOVED everything in New York and CO, but it was all dressy and businessy and EXPENSIVE!!! I found a gray dress I liked, but mom didn’t :( I also found a hot pink pencil skirt that I LOVED, but mom didn’t like that either!!! So we left New York and CO :)
Kate and Jenny had gone to Eddie Bauer and Urban Outfitters, so we went to find them, and on the way stopped at Gap. And by stopping by, I mean we literally walked through the doors, took 7 steps, and walked back out :) We had a Gap outlet in our mall, so everything was fairly cheap, but at THIS Gap, everything was like, $80! Then we went to Eddie Bauer… Kate always raves about Eddie Bauer, but mom and I were NOT impressed! Kate said she wasn’t either, but I agree, the stuff in the magazine looked pretty cool, it just wasn’t in the store :(
We found Kate walking out of Urban Outfitters, and she said that Jenny was still in there, so mom and Kate sat by the fountain right outside the door and I went in. It was LOUD and the clerk there was wearing some sort of balloon pants that looked really crazy… I never found Jenny in there, and I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy, so I left and joined mom and Kate by the fountain to wait for Jenny. Which by the way, don’t you feel bad when you walk into a store, and the clerk sees you and asks how you’re doing and all, and then you just walk right back out??? I sure do.
Jenny came back out, and we looked at our map. Mom had no idea that there was a Coldwater Creek and a Christopher and Banks! So we went up the escalators and into Coldwater Creek. Mom said that she liked the stuff in the catalog, but there wasn’t much of the same stuff in the store. Then we went to Ann Taylor {like the boss of LOFT}… Ann Taylor is SO expensive! LOFT is like the more casual, cheaper, and better Ann Taylor! So we left. Then we walked across to C&B, and mom shopped there for a while! Kate, Jenny, and I went over to J. Crew, but didn’t find anything there, so we went back to C&B. We helped mom pick out a new outfit for Easter Sunday, and while she was checking out, Kate, Jenny, and I went back to LOFT! Haha!
I hit the jackpot the second time at LOFT! :) I bought a olive green sleeveless dress with ruffles in the front, and a blue jean jacket!!! I also took back the peach dress. I can wear the green dress without a jacket, or with, but I can only wear the peach dress with a jacket, and since we’re going into HOT weather, I opted for the green dress :) I like it more anyway… it’s super cool and summery! The dress was $60, but I only payed $30 for it, and the jacket was $80, but I only payed $50 for IT! I was so excited!!! Oh! And while we were at LOFT, I saw a friend of mine from EMHS! How weird is that??? I haven’t seen her for 3 years, and there she is at Short Pump! Haha!
After we went to LOFT {for the second time, LOL!}, we were all EXTREMELY hungry, because it was already 2:00pm!!! So we all got in the van and drove about 10 minutes to OLIVER GARDEN!!! Olive Garden is SOOO good, and I hadn’t been there since Kate’s 19th birthday {almost 2 years ago!}. We all got the ‘soup, salad, and breadsticks’ {unlimited bowls of soup!!!}, and all got the Chicken and Gnocchi soup! It was AMAZING! It had chicken, and dumplings, and all kinds of other creamy things! The breadsticks are SO good!!!
After our yummy {and filling!} late lunch, we went to Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby is not part of the Short Pump Mall, so it’s completely separate from it. Jenny had absolutely NO interest in Hobby Lobby, so while mom, Kate, and I went in, Jenny went to Target right beside Hobby Lobby! Seriously, when I walked into Hobby Lobby, it was like I was in heaven!!! Kate says it was like Michael’s on steroids :) Really though! It is about 10x larger than Michael’s and SO much more stuff! It was practically oozing with hot pink and zebra things!!! I adored it in there! It even had a place where you could walk up stairs and overlook the entire store!!! I SO wish I had a Hobby Lobby :) There were so many newborn props, and anything else I could ever want! I bought some blades to use with my polymer clay, and vinyl stickers that say ‘J’ and ‘E’ in the Curlz font, and Joelle and I put them on our clear tumblers! They look so cute!
Jenny met us at Hobby Lobby just as I was checking out, and then we got back in the van and went back to the mall! We parked at the other end this time… Nordstrom’s instead of Macy’s. By the way, the Lord blessed us the entire trip by always providing us with parking spaces RIGHT in front of the buildings! So we went into Nordstrom’s, and everything was SO nice! Everyone was wearing ties, and super nice clothes :) After finding a dress that I thought was gorgeous {and finding out that it was over $200…}, we went over to the shoe section! Mom found a pair of shoes…
 Cute, right? But sort of normal… How much do you think they cost??? Seriously, please guess. I’d love to know what you thought in the comments :)
Did you think that they would be OVER $300???????? I NEVER did! And so, we left Nordstrom’s :)
Right outside of Nordstrom’s is a store called Everything But Water, and all they sold there was bathing suits! I thought that this would finally be my chance to get one {after all, that was one of my goals on this shopping trip!}! So we go in, and they had maybe 20 different styles in there, and I didn’t really like any of them, so we left :)
After that, we went into Guess. I found one shirt that I thought was cute, so I picked it up. RIGHT AWAY a guy came over and said ‘can I hold that until you’re ready for a dressing room?’, and I said “uh… sure’ :) {did he really think that I’m not strong enough to hold ONE shirt???} So I handed it to him, and was ‘looking around’ {really, I was silently wondering how I was going to get that shirt away from him and NOT try it on…}, but finally did try it on anyway, and I HATED it, just like I thought I would :)
One thing I learned there, is that whenever you pick something up, someone swarms around you and asks if they can open up a dressing room for you! It’s so weird! Mom says it’s like a guilt trip :) I didn’t like it at all! I’d much rather shop by myself, and only have the clerk talk to me when I’m buying something :)
After Guess, Kate really wanted to go to Banana Republic. We walked in the door, and I saw a dress that I liked! I looked at the price tag… $109.00! So we walked out.
Then we went to the Apple store, and it was NUTS in there! The new iPad just came out, and there must have been 30 people in that small store! It was crazy. I REALLY want to buy an iPod touch, but I knew I couldn’t buy it that day. I just wanted to look at it… :)
Then we went all the way upstairs to White House | Black Market, which I LOVED!!! I literally could have bought ANYTHING in that store!!! But, I don’t think I could have bought a bracelet in there because everything was SO expensive!!! I think it was the most expensive store I was in… Really! Well, except for Nordstrom’s :) But that doesn’t count. Anyway, I found a SUPER cute dress… for $200.00… Hmm… no use making myself miserable by trying on dresses that I could never have! So we left White House | Black Market.
Then we went back downstairs, to go to Pottery Barn, and on the way I saw abercrombie! Nobody else wanted to go in, but I did, so I went by myself. I was in there shorter than at Gap, and met up with mom and Kate in Pottery Barn {Jenny was at Abercrombie and Fitch}. Pottery Barn has so many cool {and expensive} things! I can totally imagine Kate’s house filled with everything from Pottery Barn! Mom and I were so tired, we sat down on the suede couches :)
Just as we were leaving Pottery Barn, Jenny walked in. Right across from PB is a store called Francesca’s Collections. Kate said she went in and it wasn’t very good, but I had to see for myself :) She was right. It was pretty bad. So after that, we went into Godiva Chocolates! They had the BIGGEST chocolate Easter bunnies I had ever seen! They were HUGE!!!
By then, it was around 4:00pm, and we were all really tired. Kate still wanted to go to Anthropology, but that was in Charlottesville, so we all said good bye to Short Pump and left. Charlottesville was about half way home, so we could relax and massage our aching feet and feel the blast of the AC for about an hour and a half until we got to Anthropology.
BUT, the FUNNIEST thing happened on the way to Anthropology!!! Actually, SO many funny things happened… we were all so tired! But that was just TOO hilarious!!! We were on the interstate, and there was this red car that was sort of driving strangely, and when we were passing him {in the right lane}, we saw that he was looking down, his hands were not on the wheel, and he was TEXTING!!! Besides that fact that it is ILLEGAL, it was extremely dangerous! So we got in front of him, and after a little bit, he drove up almost beside us {now we were in the left lane, and he was in the right}. Kate was in the passenger seat, mom was driving, and Jenny and I were in the middle. Jenny was telling Kate that she needed to tell him to stop texting and driving, so when he pulled up beside us, he looked over at us and Kate held up her phone and said ‘STOP TEXTING’! Jenny and I BURST out laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn’t think that she’d actually do it {but we were glad she did}!!! So when she told him that, he held up both of his hands, with a cigarette in his left hand, and said ‘I’m not doing anything!!!’, and that just made Jenny and I laugh even HARDER!!! There were so many things wrong… He was 1) looking at us, not the road 2) holding up both hands, so his hands were not on the wheel and 3) he was smoking! We all laughed all the way to Anthropology, and all the way home! Jenny and I would laugh at the strangest things, and could NOT stop laughing!
It took FOREVER to find Anthropology! We got to Charlottesville, and were trying to find it. Kate had us turn right, and that got us super lost, so Kate texted a friend and she gave us directions :) Jenny said that SHE should have given the directions, and Kate said that Jenny couldn’t have done any better, and I said ‘Well, yes she would have, because she would have said to go left!’ {

We finally got there, and Jenny and I told Kate that Anthropology had better be worth all that driving! It was really cool, but again, SO expensive that I couldn’t buy anything! I found the cutest cupcake apron though! For $39.00… :P I also found a super cute dress that was orange, pink, and green {don’t knock it until you see it}, but that was around $100 too, so I didn’t even try it on :) Haha!
So we left Anthropology, and decided we needed some caffeine to keep us awake and happy, so we went to McDonald’s! What a step down from Olive Garden, huh? :) Kate got a caramel iced coffee, Jenny got a large sweet tea, and mom and I both got chocolate milkshakes {the only thing without caffeine… I can’t have it or else I can’t sleep at night!}. They were SO good and they hit the spot!
So then we went home, showed dad and Joelle all our stuff, and went to BED!
WOW! That took FOREVER to write! I’ve been writing off an on since 10:00am! And I still have to add the pictures :) Here we go!
Here are some pictures of the mall: {images from Google}
 They had the cutest little kids play area and working train! We’d often see the train going past carrying lot’s of little kids :)
The garden’s in the middle are BEAUTIFUL!
Really, how can you not love these White House | Black Market outfits???
I LOVE the first dress, and 3rd sweater, and the last skirt! But the sweater was $88! NO WAY!
 This was the most amazing soup I have ever had!!!
Yes, you may be jealous of my perfect-looking salad.
We saw the Cheesecake Factory right across from Urban Outfitters! Yum :)
These are all the shops:
I took these pictures outside Urban Outfitters:
 I felt like such a tourist :)
^ They had chandeliers outside of UO!
LOFT!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I loooove these gorgeous trees right outside of Nordstrom’s:
 They were SO soft!
Here’s the funny man in the red car:
Oh, we laughed for hours about that :)
My chocolate shake!
Excited about shopping!!!
All in all, we practically bought out the LOFT store… We all {except for mom} bought something there {well, mom bought my clothes ;)}. And then a few odds and ends… Jenny bought some stuff at Target, Kate bought ribbon at Hobby Lobby, I bought the blades and vinyl letters at HL, and mom bought stuff at Christopher and Banks!
Wow. I’m probably missing lots of stuff, but that was my day in a nutshell! It was so incredibly fun!!! I can’t wait until we do it again :) THANK you SO much mom! I love you :)

P.S! I also got another challenge done!!!
713. Go on an out-of-town shopping trip

Marieanne - looks like a fun shopping day!
350.00 for those shoes?!?!?!?! lol =)

Kiley - sounds like a ton of fun! I love going to the mall of america, we only go like once a month….but its so fun and big! I love living not even 10minutes away from the biggest mall in America. :D

Abbie - Haha, that story is hilarious!

Davene Grace - It was so much fun to read this; I felt like I was right there with you all! :) Reminds me a little of shopping trips I used to have with my mom. I don’t think with my boys I’ll ever get to do this though. ;-)

Hey, on your list of things to do this year, I think you’ve already done #63 – photograph someone you’re not related to. Does the little session you had with Cowboy Tobin count? :)

And speaking of… I totally blew it and forgot to set something up for David. Even though his birthday is past, do you want to take his pictures? :)

Paolo - Hi Emily,

Sorry to hear that you didn’t find what you were looking for in our stores! I encourage you to check back as much of what you see in catalog may not be in stores yet, and we are excited about what will be hitting the shelves in coming months. Glad to see that you had a fun shopping trip otherwise.

Paolo Mottola

Social Media at Eddie Bauer

Sarah-Anne - whoa. girlfriend, you got a comment from a dude at eddie bauer. whoa. :)
great shopping trip!! i wanna come next time…

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