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10 tips for getting more followers

  1. Don’t beg for them! This is my number 1 tip. You have no idea how many comments I get that basically say this: ‘Hi! My name is ___ and I am now following your blog. Could you pleeeease follow mine? :)’. Umm… no. I might go visit your blog, but after you leave a comment like that, I automatically assume that you are desperate {which you might be, you just don’t want it to show ;)} and your blog isn’t worth following. {Ouch! Sorry!}
  2. Reward current readers. Have a giveaway! I got over 50 followers when I had my big blog giveaway… But not all giveaways have to be big and extravagant! For instance, I just had a giveaway where I only gave away 1 item, but it keeps the readers interested. Giveaways don’t have to be expensive either! I didn’t have to pay a cent for my last giveaway! Find some items you’d like to giveaway {Etsy is a great place to start!}, be courageous and ask!
  3. Write right. Ugh, I hate it when people write like this: ‘hi every1! i luv my blog sooooo much oh gtg ttyl!’! Yikes! Can you even read that? It’s possible, but totally annoying, so I avoid those blogs like the plague :) Please, please, PLEASE use the correct punctuation and spelling! But don’t be worried if you mess up, everyone does :) It’s just so much easier {and more enjoyable!} to read if you write right!
  4. Be a follower, get a follower! If I see that I have a new follower, I will often go look and see who it is! I may or may not like what I see, but if I do, I will definitely follow you! Now, I don’t suggest that you go follow every blog that you come across, but following other people is a great way to gain more followers for yourself :)
  5. Turn off the music! Here’s the deal: If I come across a blog that has music, I will either scramble around {AFTER I have a heart attack!} to try and find the OFF button, or quickly close out of your blog. It’s harsh, but it’s the honest truth folks. If I wanted to be listening to music, I would have my music on {which leads me to another point: the clashing of two different songs is not pretty!}! Some people say ‘Well, it’s my blog, so I’ll do whatever I want!’, and you are perfectly in your rights to do that. Just don’t expect me to follow. I used to have music on my blog, and justified it by saying ‘I just like going to my blog to listen to the music!’… Not cool Emily. That is what YouTube playlists are for! :) If you do have music, just make sure that it is always OFF, and that your reader {or you!} can turn it on whenever you want to.
  6. Make the Followers gadget easy to spot. It sounds simple, but so many people don’t do it! If your Followers gadget is way at the bottom of the page, I’m not going to spend 5 minutes searching for it! Your Followers gadget should be either A) right under the header, B) the first gadget on the sidebar, or C) the second gadget on the sidebar. Also, there is a new {I think?} feature on the Blogger NavBar! You can just click ‘Follow’, and follow that blog {Example Here}! So no more searching for the gadget :) However, for those Bloggers that don’t know about the new feature, it’s still a good idea to keep you Follower’s gadget in plain view.
  7. Warn readers of blogging hiatus! It is not a good idea to go on a 2 month vacation and leave your readers hanging! You’ll get comments like ‘Are you OK?’, ‘Have you dropped off the earth?’, and ‘Are you still alive???’ :) Let your readers know by saying ‘I’m going on a 2 month vacation, but I’ll be back to blogging shortly after!’. Your readers will thank you, and the loyal followers will continue to be followers because they know that you are coming back. This tip doesn’t necessarily give you followers, but it will help you keep the ones you have!
  8. Comment Often. This one is the hardest for me. I’m not a good commenter! I have gotten better though :) Especially now because I use a new Google Reader feature… which I’ll explain in an upcoming post :) But anyway, if you persistently leave comments {maybe not EVERY post, but frequently enough}, sooner or later the owner of the blog will wonder ‘Who is it that’s leaving me all these sweet comments?’ and visit your blog, plus, as an added bonus, fellow commenters will possibly see your comment and visit you as well :)
  9. Have a good blog design. If nothing else, your blog should at least be looking pretty! :) Show your readers that you care about your blog, and that you’re a serious Blogger :) Blog designs don’t have to be expensive! In fact, they can be free! The Cutest Blog On The Block, Shabby Blogs, and Hot Bliggity Blog, to name a few, are some fabulous sites with free backgrounds and headers! If you don’t mind spending some cash, Hannah Nicole Designs, Adori Graphics, April Showers Blog Design, and tons others have some beautiful packages available! You can even come to me if you’re interested :) But really, if you have a bad blog design, I’m most likely not going to be interested.
  10. Post Frequently. If you just pop in and out to say ‘Hey! I’m off to a big dance recital… Pictures later!’, and then don’t post those pictures until a month later {Hey, sometimes it’s better late than never, right?}, I may or may not decide to just delete you from my blogroll all together. Don’t feel like you have to post mind-blowing posts every day, normal posts of your everyday life {Of a nice length} with some recent pictures are just fine! Even if you have 1 really interesting and captivating post a month, I probably won’t stay interested for long.
I’m not a pro at getting followers by any means {Hello, 171 followers!}, but I do hope that these tips help you even the teeniest bit :)

Becky H. - Very good points! You gave me a few ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. Thank you! =)

~Miss Raquel - I completely agree with all of those, Em! Nice job!

Sarah-Anne - LOVE <3 these tips, emily!! you are never afraid to share your thoughts about these types of things, and I think this was a much needed post! :)

Larkin - Good tips, Emily. Thanks for the helpful post!


Emily N. - These are great tips, Emily! Thanks for sharing them with us, dear. =)

Kiley - haha i love all these tips! the one about the music is so true.

Ashlyn Y - Thank you so much Emily. I loved it. And I need the tips! lol. Have a nice day and may Jesus bless you.

♥ Destiny ♥ - VERY interesting {and helpful} post! And, I agree on the “have a good blog design” tip! Every time I get a new follower I check out their blog. If I see that their design gives me a headache and is a pain to look at, at close out of it! Your blog design is very important. I try to keep my good and simple {BUT looking nice} sometimes I fail, sometimes it rocks! I’m blahboring way to much aren’t I? Hahaha! Sorry! This is the longest comment I have ever bothered to type!


{P.S. Love your blog, sweetie!}

Ali - Thank you for those tips! They helped! :)

Putdar - Thanks for the tips, sweetheart! I’ve been blogging since October 2009, but the number of my followers is stuck in 22. I kept thinking “What have I done wrong?” but now I know that perhaps it’s because I rarely comment on other people’s blogs. So, I will do this more often from now on :)

And I have to say that I absolutely agree that it is important to have a good blog design. Bad layout just makes me want to click the close button ASAP. Haha! I try to learn designing my own layout. I hope I can be as good as you :)

Thank you, Emily! <3

ALK - Great tips!!! I am trying to get more followers and I will keep them in mind :) And I totally agree with you about the playlist thing!


~Miss ALK

PS for anyone reading this: there IS a give-away going on at my blog right now! Come join the fun!


Julianna - Thanks for the tips,Emily!! They were great :)

Rebecca - Those were awesome tips! Thanks:)

hope - these were awesome Emily! They’re mostly the same things I go by :)

Lucia Marie - Thanks for these awesome tips, Miss Emily Darlin’! :) You are just too adorable…LOOOVE the new design, too! <33 You write in such a friendly, readable manner. Oh, and thank you for becoming a recent follower of my blog! :) In case you didn't know..I've been following YOUR blog for quite some time! ;) You asked me to come check it out; little did you know that I have been loving it for many months! ;)

All these tips are wonderful! I will keep them in mind. :) I am sooo bad at commenting, too..:/

In Him,


Madi - These are great ideas Emily! I will be using them alot! :)

Fizi Kizi - Great tips Emily- Thank you!! I love your new design! :)
Much Love xx

Monica (monsmons) - Great tips!

And I like your new blog design! Very pretty ;)



Nina - I only have 15 followers, yet I follow all the tips. What am I doing wrong?

Miss Emily K. - in number 5 did you mean me?

Hannah - Great idea for a post!! I got excited when I saw it’s title!

Anna Gray - AMEN to absolutely EVERYTHING!

Rachel - Thanks for the great tips! I was gonna have a giveaway but I’m not going to until I have 50 followers :) I will take you advice though! Thanks so much,
Rachel Lynn

ayearofprojects - Thank you for sharing some great tips. It’s so hard as a beginning blogger to find an audiance so it’s great that there are people out there willing to help.

Hannah E. - Yes. I so agree with all of these tips, especially #5 and #10! Music playing right away drives me crazy, even though I used to do it (>blush< ). And yes, I am listening to music almost all the time as I browse blogs, and it's not fun to hear two songs playing at the same time (especially when the song I'm listening to gets to my favorite part, haha ;)).

Alright, so I’ll quit my rant now.. Love this post, Emily. :)



Ryan - This post is sooo great Emily!!
Thank you for the tips!

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