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Joelle and I have been on an Aggravation kick… But the problem was, Joelle kept beating me, so we had to play until I won :) Which I have been doing quite frequently! :)
 Yay! I won!!! :)
I made another fun storyboard of the dice :)
I woke up on Monday with a sore throat, and it continued to hurt {and added a stuffy nose} until Wednesday. Thankfully we had stocked up on these:
Werther’s were my best friend.
I was also wishing for some ice cream to soothe my throat:
But Jenny, who also had the same cold/sore throat that I did, doesn’t like ice cream {crazy, right?!?!}, so she said ‘neh’.
Isn’t my puppy the cutest thing ever???
Sunflowers, birds, and a squirrel.
 FIGHT! :)
This. This is the squirrel that loves to sit on our back patio and torment Oliver. The poor dear.
Well, it is HOT today! So after cleaning/rearranging the house, I hope we can either go swimming or pelt each other with water balloons! {Actually, both would be nice}

Fizi Kizi - I love Oliver! Absolutely adorable! And your board game pictures were really artistic! :)
Much Love xx

Becky H. - Your puppy IS adorable!! … and after seeing all those Aggravation pictures I kinda wanna play too! I’ve never played that game before. Looks fun =)

Hannah - i want to eat your puppy dog- IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Emily Jacinta - Awesome pictures!! I love your dog!

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