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Fun, Fellowship, and Fireworks

I have become very original in my post titles, no? :)
I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat {and so did Jenny}, and I have it worse this morning, but did that stop me from joining in the festivities??? No!
These cookies have been in the making {ha!} since Saturday! They needed to chill for a while, and I didn’t want to be super stressed on Monday and have to make everything then, so I just started on Saturday and all I had to do on Monday was decorate them! They turned out SO much better than I was expecting they would! I thought ‘eh, the magazine pictures are always so much better, mine won’t turn out like that’… but they were SO easy and they look fantabulous! One thing I’ll do differently next time, is use smaller tips {I used squeeze bottles, so there was only 1 size :)}
The finished cookies!
                  Martha’s Cookies:                                                                     MY cookies!
{I will do a recipe post later on how I made them!}
I decided to be Jenny and a 1 star yesterday:
Thank you old Cracker Barrel aprons! By the way, these aprons are FABULOUS!!!
 Red shirt: Consignment shop {second time around}
White cami: Aeropostale
Blue jean skirt: Old Navy
White flip flops {American Eagle}
Headband {not pictured}: AleksHandmade
 Yay! I love my headband!
I TOTALLY stole these July 4th nails from Kiley!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea, Kiley! :D
How did I get this picture of myself, you ask?
 BECAUSE I HAVE A TRIPOD NOW THAT’S HOW!!! :) I’m just a wee bit too excited about it :)
23. Buy a tripod
 Mom took me out to Staple’s yesterday morning so I could get it, because I thought I’d use it for the fireworks, which didn’t happen.
But anyway, the above picture is me booing the rain, but it came anyway:
It stayed. And POURED.
But it stopped long enough for us to get to the July 4th party!


 Kathryn and I passed the time by taking pictures of each other :)
 Conrad is SO cute!
 Joelle and Alaina are the cutest friends ever!
 Canon ROCKS!
Yes, that is me, with super wet hair. Because it RAINED! It RAINED while we were eating our food, it RAINED while Kathryn and I were swinging, it RAINED while Kathryn and I were taking pictures, it RAINED for the first few fireworks, and it stopped raining. But then it RAINED once the fireworks were done. We were all SOAKED by the time it was all said and done :D
And now for the fireworks!!!
Trying to get some bokeh:
And trying to be abstract:
 Aren’t I amazing??? Totally joking… this is obviously just fireworks added from Picnik :P
Beginning here are my FAVORITES!!!
The GRAND FINALE!!! Which actually wasn’t too grand, because of all the smoke!
How was your Fourth of July??? Did you get to watch fireworks? I know that some didn’t because it was very dry. It was super dry here too, so I guess it’s good that we got the rain :D
Firework cookies post coming up :)

Kiley - pretty fireworks! and love your headband and nails! :)

Becky H. - Those cookies look way TOO pretty to eat! That headband is super cute! … I didn’t get to see any fireworks but I did hear them (from our apartment) for 3 hours straight, if that counts for anything. =)

Madie M. - Those cookies look SO good! I had a good 4th. I live those firework pictures! Very beautiful!!

Sarah-Anne - sounds like we’re in the same boat…i have a stinkin’ summer cold!! :( is it possible to catch something via the Internet?? ;)
sounds like you had an awesome day despite the rain!!

Miss Emily K. - Number 4, 9, 11 from your favorites are really cool!! 9 is awesome!

love the nails and the cookies look delish!!

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