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I heart shoes

Joelle got some new sneakers from a friend yesterday and they were just TOO CUTE to not take pictures of!
 Aren’t they adorable??? The ones she’s wearing light up too :)
 Her long braids are just the cutest things ever.
 She’s such a drama queen! She didn’t know I was taking pictures of her, and then for the last picture she just turned towards me looking like that ^_^
I haven’t shared a picture of Morroco in forever! Oliver is my baby now :)
 He’s 2 1/2 years old!
Changing to the pink shoes:
 She said ‘These are too BIG!’ :)
I used to do the iheartfaces challenge every week, but then I stopped doing that. But Joelle remembered because she was almost always my model :) So she wrote ‘i heart facis’ :)
 Complete with an extra ‘i’, missing ‘e’, and a backwards ‘s’ :)
And then we went into the backyard for some pretty pockets of light… which we didn’t find :P
Yay for new shoes!

Emilie - Joelle is adorable. Cute shoes! I like her “i heart faces”. :)

Kiley - cute shoes! :]

-Rachel - She is So cute! ♥

Hope - cute shoes! love the last picture :) Joelle’s adorable!

Ali - Those are really cute shoes! :)

Tabitha - Oh, I love shoes! Especially that style of shoes! And she is adorable, and those pictures of her shoes in the heart are fabulous. And that quote, I will be passing that to my friend, she will love it! She owns over 70 pairs of shoes!

MaryRachel - Adorable little girl! I love the shoes. Sparkles make every pair of shoes better ;)

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