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Olivia wrote about how Blogger has gotten rid of her Edit HTML button… I should have known this was coming. Blogger is seriously freaking me out! First the deleting posts, then shutting down Blogger, and now THIS!
Just so everyone knows, I think that Olivia is doing a fabulous thing by moving some of her posts to WordPress, so I’m doing that too. So far, I have two. But let me just say, I am VERY impressed with WordPress so far! Of course, I haven’t even thought about designing it, but it is SO sleek and NICE! Even if Blogger keeps the Edit HTML button, I am considering switching to WordPress. The only reason I wouldn’t {OK, two reasons} switch is 1) I feel like I should be loyal to Blogger and 2) I would be leaving everything I know. But Blogger is seriously ticking me off! Would anyone leave and start over on WordPress with me??? I need some support right now.

Isn’t it so pretty? :) I love how it gives ideas for new posts! L-O-V-E!!!

Mary Catherine - The thing I hate about WordPress is that you CAN’T HAVE FOLLOWERS. That would kill me, not being able to have a dashboard and my little posts on the other people’s blogs to read. Please don’t switch!!
–Love MCat

Hope - I’m considering it too! I’m just gonna start with moving my posts over and then I’ll see what’s gonna happen. MCat, I think there’s a way to get followers on there via GFC because one of the blogs I read is wordpress and they have the followers thing :)

Tiffany - I tried to make a wordpress before blogger and i didnt like it. Everything i wanted to do, i had to pay for. If i wanted to do html for my background and all my blogging stuff, i had to pay for it. If i wanted to make any changes other than the few basic things they gave you, you had to pay, which sucked. It just made me mad, so i made a blogger instead and i love it!

Olivia - I still have my HTML button. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t switched to Blogger Draft. Do you use that? I really do not want to lose Edit HTML button!!

Emilie - Hannah has a petition here to keep the edit HTML button: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/give-us-back-edit-html/!

Kiley - if this happens i might die.

maybe they’ll have like “pay for the HTML coding back” or something dumb like that-although I’ll be the first to admit I would tots buy that. stupid blogger, there is no way i’m switching to wordpress though. I love blogger!

bekahcubed - I’ve been using WordPress.org for my blog since I switched over from hand-coding everything, and I’m pleased with how WordPress operates.

However, I’ve been self-hosting from my own server (with the WordPress.org software)–which is a little different from having WordPress.com host. I’m not sure if WordPress.com has additional restrictions that I don’t have. I certainly can edit everything, which is different from Tiffany’s experience with having to pay for the ability to do additional editing.

Sereina - Actually, you can edit the HTML. Go to “Template” then scroll down to the bottom and click on “Edit Template”, which is in orange text.

Madeline - I absolutly love wordpress! Yes, you do have to pay for some widgets but I haven’t paid for anything so far! (My Dad designed my template he bought socrates for his businesses)
You can have a follower button via google friend connect. I just added one the other day. WordPress is wonderful! I would highly recomend it!! My Dad is a web designer and he uses wordpress for all of his businesses. If you have any questions you can comment on my blog!

You can check out my blog here: http://www.flameinthedarkness.com

Madeline <3

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