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Recipe – Cookie Bowls

I found this recipe via Mountain Musings, and thought that they looked delicious!!! So I decided to try them. They are harder than they look! But oh-so-delicious that I will definitely make them again :)
Basically, you just make a normal kind of cookie dough {I used the Nestle recipe found on the back of every chocolate chip bag ^_^}, and make sure you use mini chocolate chips!!! I had to cut all of my large chocolate chips up… :P Then the recipe said to roll it out to 1/4-inch thick, cut circles, and spread over the upside down muffin pans {HEAVILY GREASED!!!}, but I decided to be rebellious and just scoop some out and spread it over:
That did not work. At all.
Because they came out of the oven looking like that ^. That mess may or may not have resulted in either A) dripping dough that burned on the bottom of the oven, B) me calling for mother’s help, C) smoke collecting in the oven so that when I opened the door smoke came billowing out, or D) all of the above.
But, they tasted delicious :)
I WAS smart, however, and decided that I would wait until those cookie fails came out of the oven to see how they worked before I made another tray… Thank goodness I waited :) This time, I was obedient and followed directions.
Most of them turned out OK, but some needed to be made into cookie crumbles:
 Exactly, Jenny.
 See? Some of them turned out! Haha :)
 They were ah-mazing!
With cookie crumbles, thankyouverymuch and yesplease!
So yeah… there really isn’t a recipe! Just make it up as you go along, and hope that you don’t burn down your house in the process! :D
Next project: Firework cookies!

Julia - What a cool idea! The finished product looks tasty and beautiful! :)

Sarah-Anne - yummy in my tummy!!

Fizi Kizi - They look so good!! I would try to make them- but my cooking skills aren’t too great! xx

Mary - Those look fabulous!! And oh well…we all have flops some times=/ but hey, I’d go for cookie crumbs just as soon as cookie bowls! There both delicious! lol:)

Stephanie - MMMM! Cookie bowls…I might have to ty them myself. Great blog! So I will try to post this quickly because I’m getting hungry!!!
It would be so awesome of you ro stop by my blog:)
Take care!

~Miss Raquel - Y-U-M!!! Those look delicious!!

Rebecca - Those look SO good!!!

Tiffany - I decided to make these but i couldnt remember how you did it to get the shape. I put mine in a cupcake tin and they turned out pretty good. The outside was hard and crunchy and the middle was a little doughy, but they were soo good! Everyone loved them! Thanks for the great idea :)

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