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Things I Love – #7

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done one of these!!! OK, only since December 14… but still.
1. Chris August’s Autograph Yup, it’s still there! I honestly couldn’t care less if it’s there or not anymore, but it’s there, and I don’t know how to get it off :) At least for my 16th birthday I get a new phone!!! Yay!
2. Owl City Adam Young has a new album, All Things Bright And Beautiful, and let me just say that it is FABULOUS!!! I still can’t believe that I got Deer In The Headlights off of iTunes for FREE! Of course, not anymore, because it is way too popular :) I seriously can’t pick a favorite! ‘Galaxies’ makes me want to dance {which I often do}, his voice is amazing in ‘Angels’, and I love the Adam Young-Shawn Chrystopher mix on ‘Alligator Sky’! Jenny got his CD for her birthday, and whenever we go anywhere in her car Owl City is blasting through the speakers, with the windows down, cheering people up with Adam Young’s wonderfulness.
3. Orbit gum Not much to say about this, except that I love it! Jenny got like, 28 packs for her birthday, and she generously shares when I ride with her :)
4. Clementine’s While Jenny and I were waiting for the Yellow Button to open downtown, we sat outside on a park bench, and we had to do SOMETHING for half an hour {even though we stayed in the Yellow Button for about 10 minutes :)}, so I took pictures :) Clementine’s a few stores down from the Yellow Button looks SO cool! I love the purple :)
5. This girl Joelle loves riding to the mall with Jenny and I :) She always grabs Jenny’s hot pink cheap sunglasses to wear!
6. Swimming We’ve gone swimming every day for a week! Kathryn and her family are out of town, so I go over to open shades/water gardens and stuff, so why not swim too? :D I LOVE Joelle’s face in the first picture :) Haha!
7.Curly Hair Which I can never seem to get right… It always ends up super poofy, so I usually end up fixing it by throwing it up in a pony tail and pinning the short ends with bobby pins :) It doesn’t look curly in the picture, but it was :) My hair is super thick, so I have to curl it in 3 sections!
8. Sisters Most of the time, Joelle is pretty cool :) And Oliver is pretty awesome too.
9. Flowers I just love these flowers! I wish we had some {these were taken at Kathryn’s house}! Close-up maybe??? Can you tell I’m desperate for pictures to enter in the fair? ;)
10. Disney Lovelies Check out my Pinterest for a new board, Disney Lovelies! I adore the red, white and black polka dress! That totally looks like something I would have worn :) It love how poofy it is! Joelle really wants that Rapunzel dress too :) I don’t blame her, it’s pretty sweet!

What are some things that you love?

Mary - Thats so cool that you have Chris August autograph on your cell phone!
Love the pictures, Emily. Your such a talented photographer.:) By the way…you are really pretty and I seriously want your hair! Trade? Please?;)
Lovely post!<3

Sarah-Anne - LOVE <3 this post. :)

Kiley - love all this, too! Especially the owl city CD!! :]

Natalia - Good luck finding a photo/photos for the fair! Your dog is cute. And what do you mean, that dress looks like something you WOULD have worn?! I’d wear that now ;) Haha, have a good day!

Abbie - Hey Emily, I just got a pinterest! Check out AbbieSings! :) I follow you, by the way :)

Emilie - Fun! :) I love swimming.

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