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  • Joelle and I watched her adorable self on home videos {I’m labeling all of them}.
  • We went swimming!
  • I got stung by a bee.
  • We swam some more.
  • My toe got pinched.
  • We swam even more.
  • I got scared by a snake {fake, don’t worry}.
  • We stopped swimming.
It really wasn’t that hot today, but we went swimming anyway :) Joelle has perfected her jumping, and can now swim underwater!
 Haha! The first picture looks like ‘No touching your toes!!!’ :D
 Yeah, I know my face looks super freaky…
Some purdy flowers…
SO, now for my bee sting, toe pinched, and snake story!
I was swimming laps in the pool, and I was coming up to tell mom something and I set my hand on the edge of the pool. Mom yelled ‘watch out for the bee!’ but it was too late. Apparently, I set my hand down on top of the bee and so… he stung me :P Thankfully, I was in the pool, so I could just stick my hand in the water and it felt better :) This DID make me realize something though… When I ‘got stung by a bee’ last year, I really didn’t. It would have REALLY hurt. Which it didn’t. But it did today! Haha!

I was getting ready to climb out of the pool, and the ladder doesn’t quite touch the floor of the pool. So unknowingly, my foot was right where the ladder DID touch the floor, so when I stepped on the ladder, it came down and pinched my toe hard! OUCH!!!

And now for Mr. Snakey… I was just swimming along, when all of a sudden I am face to face with a large, green, UGLY snake! My absolutely wonderful sister Kate decided that it would be great fun to watch me scream underwater, so she threw the snake in the pool. I was not happy with her. At all. I saw it, screamed, swam as fast as I could to the edge, jumped out, and stood there for 5 or so minutes just staring hard at Kate and too scared to get back in. She, however, realized the error in her ways and immediately apologized. Apology accepted. As long as you don’t do it ever again :)
So that’s my Summer-Swimming-Snake-Stinging-Stepping story!!! What did you do today?

Miss Emily K. - who is in the ninth picture?

i love the flower pictures. so pretty! the daisies are beautiful!!

Julianna - pretty flower pictures!!

Rebecca - I am sorry about the bee sting:( and the snake incident,lol! God bless you!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] - I would’ve probably had a heart attack and drowned if I had seen that snake in the water. =) I’ve heard that bee stings are painful, and I hope I never find out exactly how painful! …Sounds like you really hurt yourself today, but it also looks like you had a great summer day!

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