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Yummy Cracker Barrel Food

I got TWO challenges done last night!
64. Eat the Wednesday special at Cracker Barrel
85. Eat coco cola cake at Cracker Barrel
I have seriously been wanting the Wednesday special since DECEMBER!!! I ate it once, right before Christmas, and I LOVED it!!! It was the best thing I had ever tasted! I knew I had to get it again :)
We always had Bible Study on Wednesday evenings, so I could never get it then! {it sounds really bad but} I was really excited for Bible Study to end, because then I could get my Wednesday special! Haha!!! So it ended… and we didn’t go! And Bible Study is going to start again soon! So dad called from work yesterday evening and said that he was going to take up out to Cracker Barrel so I could eat my Wednesday special! Yay! :)
Jenny is a fabulous waitress at Cracker Barrel, so it’s always nice to have her along :) She tells us ways to get around the system, PLUS she lets us use her employee discount :)Last night was made even better by having a wonderful waitress… named Emily :D

Here it is, my lovelies:
 The special came with two sides, and I chose macaroni & cheese and hashbrown casserole! My plate was very yellow :D Oooooh, it was SOOOO good!!!!!!!! Mom and dad got salads, Jenny got the multi-grain granola pancakes {which I am SO getting next time!!!}, and Joelle got what she gets every. single. time {Breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!}: fried chicken and macaroni & cheese! :) Kate is in Florida :P
Jenny REALLY wanted coco cola cake, so Joelle, Jenny, and I shared it :)
Mom and dad shared the Mixed Berry Cobbler, which was also really good! I’m not a fan of blackberries though… I don’t like any berry that is seedy :P
I also found this ENORMOUS coffee mug that I wanted very badly:
Too bad it wouldn’t fit under our Keurig machine! :)
Thank you so much daddy for taking us to Cracker Barrel!

Miss ALK - Looks *very* yummy! Cracker Barrel is really good.


xoxo MIss ALK


Emilie - Looks amazingly yummy! Makes my hungry. :) I love the coffee mug!

Tabitha - I’ve never been to Cracker Barrel, but I have heard of it before and every time someone talked about it, I always imagined some dumpy little gross restaurant (I might have been confusing it with another place though), but now my mind is changed because that looks really good. I don’t think there are any in my state though. :(

Tiffany - It all looks so good! Now im hungry!
Everytime we go to cracker barrel, even if it is 8am, my bf gets a giant hamburger. We always get a specific waitress and the chef knows him because of it. They used to tell us they didnt make them that early, but they always will know, just for him. (He goes once a week lol)

I Love that coffee mug!

Sarah-Anne - congrats on eating the Wed special!! :) that looks awesome.

Miss Emily K. - that mug is so so neat!!!!

Miss Emily K. - and the desserts look absolutely heavenly!!!!

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