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Easy Canvas Prints {product review}

A few weeks ago, I was e-mailed by someone from Easy Canvas Prints asking if I would be willing to review a canvas and post a review about it… Would I?!?!?!?! Um… yes! :)
Actually, a few days beforehand, I had been thinking about how I would love to have a canvas! But they are just so expensive… I prayed and asked God to help me out a little! I didn’t have any money to buy a canvas, but I really wanted one! And then Easy Canvas Prints e-mailed me… it was a total answer to prayer! I followed all the steps, and on Tuesday I received my canvas!
My wall before:
My wall after:
 Isn’t it lovely? I was given a free 11×14 canvas print, and I loooove it! It is the perfect size!!!
 I used the photo from our beach trip! Since Joelle and I share the room, I thought it was a good one :)
 I chose the image-wrap, and I love it!
 I had to clone some more of the water to the bottom of the picture so our feet weren’t chopped!
Easy Canvas Prints was incredibly super-duper to work with, and true to their name… EASY! If Isomehow have some more money fall into my lap get another canvas, I will definitely get it from them! So go check them out!

Pearl - I’ve been thinking about turning some of my picture into canvas, too. Thanks for the review. :)


Kiley - Thanks for the great review, Emily! That picture is so fun, it really says “sisters” to me. :]

Sarah-Anne - wow, what a great opportunity friend! it looks great & it makes me excited to have my own house where I can have a bunch of photos all over the place. :)

Hope - that’s awesome! and I love that picture :)

Tiffany - That is a great idea and it turned out nice!

Cecelia Green - This is really cool, I like here! cheap oil paintings – Elegant oil paintings for home deco.

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