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Feeling like Fall

I can’t wait until the leaves start changing, and it’s already been jacket-weather for the last 2 days! It has been fabulous!
Yesterday the temperature stayed at around 60, and today it’s about 55! I had to put on a jacket to walk Oliver, and I didn’t mind one bit! I can’t wait for sweaters, candles, and Thanksgiving! I also love the dark evenings, although the rest of my family hates them! Oh, and soup! I adore soup :)
Oh, and aren’t these acorn candles lovely?
Craft project for Joelle and I?
We put up our Fall decorations yesterday…
These guys aren’t in their flower pots anymore!
 Joelle and James were creeping on me while I was taking pictures :)
¬†Rewarding our fabulous decorating-selves with s’mores :)
Oliver didn’t want to take a bath, so he curled up on his towel and looked pitifully at me :)
Is it Fall where you live?

Sophie - Awww! My dog is named Olliver, (we mostly call him Ollie, though) Your Olliver is so cute! What kind of dog is he? That is EXACTLY what my Ollie does when he doesn’t want a bath lol here is pictures of my Ollie:
Or one anyway, ;]
Enjoy! :D
Sophie the muffin lover.

Fizi Kizi - Aww!! Oliver looks absolutely adorable!! And you are such a good photographer :) xxx

Emily Ruth - Today it cooled down A LOT! It had gotten up to 80 degrees the other day, and today it’s about 53. Yay! I love jackets. :) Amazing pictures, as usual!

This is my very newly started blog. :)

Julia - Those acorn candles are so cute!

Tiffany - I cant believe it is that cold where you live!
Where I live, it stays 80 degrees at night. It hasn’t gone under 90 degrees all day long. The trees also dont have orange leaves in the fall. None of the leaves fall off. The trees just say green all year long.

And I love the acorn candles!

mary ann - I love the raindrop picture! It still feels like summer here, but I can’t wait for fall :)

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