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Hello Blogland!

Well, I did it!
1. Go a week with no computer
and I didn’t die! :)
I’m back, with 84 e-mails, and 262 blog posts to read! Haha! I’m most likely going to just skip through most of them, so sorry if I don’t get your post read :)
Here was my week:
Oliver was lazy, and so was I :) Monday was the hardest day for me, because I was constantly wanting to check my e-mail! It really showed me how, well, obsessed I had become!
We had coupons for free breakfast at Chick-fil-a, so we went on Tuesday!
 I had a chicken, egg and cheese sandwich, and it was amazing!
I also got the cinnamon clusters :)
We all got breakfast for only $4!
It rained:
And we went to the library:
The Duncan Hines cake company decided to bless us with some extra cake mix :)
The extra was just sitting on top of the bagged cake mix in the box! Needless to say, we threw it away :)
I tried to get a macro picture of Oliver’s nose…
And failed at getting it in focus. I hate how with this macro inside, it makes everything hazy!
And we were up to our ears in green beans!!!
 Isn’t he just the cutest thing you ever saw??? He was waiting to snatch a green bean :)
Also, I babysat for a MOMS group! I’ve been substituting for the past 2-3 years, but this was my first year being an actual helper. I get paid $16, for babysitting from 9-11:30, and it is SO much fun! All the kids are so cute :)
Oliver was sleepy:
And I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing!

They looked really good, but I thought the cream cheese smelled kind of weird… Oh well, everyone else liked them!

And a surprise inside!

Yay! MORE cream cheese! :)

Oliver was still sleepy:

Oliver hates Sunday, because he knows we’re going to church :) Oliver in puppy prison:

And… da-da-daaaaa:

I ate butternut squash! I still think it is nasty, gross, and disgusting, but I ate it :)
30. Eat butternut squash

Then we had a reunion to go to Sunday afternoon…

 We get carriage rides at our reunions! :)

And a lovely picture of Jenny and James!

This is how Joelle brushes her teeth:

A rose I got from church yesterday {Grandparents Sunday… they had extras :)}:

My favorite kind of rose!

I have no idea why this is purple, but I kind of like it :)

Whew! This post was longer than I thought it would be… So now you are caught up on my week! I completed some other challenges, so I’ll be posting those soon!

It was really good for me to take a week off, even though I’m really glad to be back! I think that everyone should try it!

Miss Emily K. - Sounds like you had a lovely week!! are Jenny and James “together”??

Abbie - sounds like an awesome week! I wanna go to the library now :)

Anna Gray - So glad you are back to blogland! You were greatly missed, friend. Gosh, I had a list of pictures on this post that were my absolute favorite and I cannot remember them all!

However, I *do* LOVE the cupcake photos! YUM!

Emily Ruth - Congratulations at being able to check off some more of the things on your list! I am glad that you are back, though. :)
Great pictures! Oliver is adorable!
Looks like you still had a fun, productive non-computer week.
P.S. I love all of the pens in your last picture!!!

Tiffany - That is so cute how she brushes her teeth!
I bet the week got easier, didn’t it?
Sometimes I wish I had younger siblings and could be homeschooled. You and your family seem like your closer and you get to do so many more things you can’t do at school.
Congrats on being able to cross two things off your list in one week! I missed reading your posts though.

Tiffany - And your puppy is adorable!

sorry, i’m just a tad bit excited to have ya back. ;)

Amanda - Congrats on making it through! I’m not so sure I could! Loved that you took photos throughout the week .. that one, I might do!

Julianna - Glad to have you back :) And oh my goodness I am so jealous that you have a chick-fil-a! Sadly we don’t have one here in nebraska yet ;) haha.

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