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Oh, hello Facebook

 Well, I did it. I stayed off Facebook for 1 month. It really wasn’t that difficult! It only was when I wanted to look someone up, or when people would message me and I couldn’t respond back! But I got over it, and I just now confirmed {and ignored} about 10 friend requests.
No way am I going through the past months updates! I just read like, the first page, and then I was DONE! Haha!
Time to change my profile pic!
94. Stay off of Facebook for 1 month

Kiley - Wow! Congrats! I would probably never be able to do that! :P

Julianna - wow good job! But i probably never would be able to do that! ;) haha.

Ali - Good job staying off facebook! :]

Miss Emily K. - That’s great!! I kind of want one, but it would just be another thing to do on the computer…. i think that’s great that some people can do that (discipline themselves) and not get completely obsessed….


Hope - congrats! I would never be able to do that :P I was off for one day and had a mini meltdown hahaha

Erin - Nice! I know that I would have some trouble staying off FB for a month. It’s just so…what’s my word…addictive. ;P

Amanda - Fantastic! Like everyone else, I’m not sure I could do that! Now you’re able to check one thing off your list … can’t wait to see the others!

Sarah-Anne - whoa, that’s a pretty big accomplishment, friend! glad you had the willpower to do it.
oh, and FYI: you’re totally gonna be my friend on there…when I GET a FB. i’ve been pestering the parents all week so I’m thisclose to getting one. and then I shall be cool. ;)

Emily Ruth - Congratulations! That’s a really good idea. I will have to try that sometime…..if I can. :)

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