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And then there were BANGS!

I desperately needed my bangs cut {they hadn’t been cut for weeks}, so yesterday I went to my hairstylist. I’ve always wanted my bangs to kind of sweep across my forehead, and they never do, so I finally just asked Jenny how she cuts hers and she said ‘Well, do you want me to cut yours?’, so I made the daring leap and let her do it! Here’s the before:
 This is when my bangs were cut, but not cut cut, if you know what I mean :)
And the after:
I like them a ton! Jenny should be a hairdresser :)
And then, because no one was home, I just snapped away randomly and no one could hear the loud *CLICK* :)
Then when mom and Joelle got home, Joelle and I went outside and took some pictures:
So what do you think? I’m growing my hair out, but it is taking so stinkin’ long. HURRY UP HAIR and GROW!!! It’s grown quite a bit since I got it cut pretty short! Ugh, I shouldn’t have cut it.

P.S. Plus, this is my 900th post!!! I can’t believe it!

Miss Emily K. - I like the bangs!!

Tabitha - I love your bangs too, and you and your sister are so cute. :) I love the pictures also!

Emily Ruth - I love your bangs!!!! If I got bangs, I would want them to look like that!!! You and Joelle are adorable, as always. :)

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