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I told mom and dad to just assume that all my sentences begin with ‘I saw this on Pinterest…’ :) And it is SO true! So, I saw this on Pinterest! I LOVED it! So the next day we went to my dads work {it helps to have a dad that works at a paint store! :D} and I picked out the paint chips I wanted. I wanted the colors to match my room. So once I picked the colors, dad got me the colors in 8×8 sheets so I could cut them to the size I wanted! I had bought an 11×14 frame at Walmart, but 7 strips wouldn’t fit across it! So I went back and picked up an 11×17 frame, and everything fits perfectly! We kept an 1/8 inch border around everything.
 Doesn’t it look lovely???
 I had Kate write the days of the week, because her handwriting is SO gorgeous! We think she should sell it :)
The hot pink is my favorite :) It’s called Peony. My wall color is pretty close to that, but it’s a custom color {made by my wonderful daddy :)}.
I had SO much fun making these! {Again} I found these on Pinterest, so I just decided to make my own!
 {please excuse the hot glue gun string :)}
My white board that was where my new calender is now! I really love this quote:
And THAT is what my handwriting looks like :)
What do you think? What have you created from Pinterest?

Emily - ooooh I love it!! I might have to try that! Great job!

Claire - hey, I followed you on Pinterest;) I just made my account yesterday, and I’m already addicted!! And I really really REALLY want that adorable calendar!! It’s awesomeeee

Allie - That is like the coolest thing ever!! I’m going to have to try that! :)

Sarah-Anne - i am going to do this. like, as soon as I can get to the paint store. then, the magic will happen, i will feel all crafty, take pictures & blog about it giving my sweet friend the credit. yep, sounds like a plan! ;)

Lucia Marie - Aww cuuuute Emily. :} LOVE!

Amanda - What a great idea! Love the quote as well! And the blog design is funky and fantastic!

Anonymous - Ohhhh, that’s really cute!
I love the colors:)
Such a great idea!!

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