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I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and today I finally did! Of course, since I’m OCD about these things {or CDO :)}, I had to wait for the perfect time to buy my latte. Here were my qualifications for the perfect latte day:
  • It must be raining, snowing, or look like it would do either. Who would want to buy a latte on a perfectly sunny day?
  • It must be chilly! Lattes are not nearly as good in hot weather.
And that was basically it. The sun has been in and out all day, and it was definitely chilly! Mom had to go to Staples, so Joelle and I ran over to Michael’s so she could use some more of her gift card to buy Juicy Lips lip gloss :) Then {since it seemed to be the perfect day thus far!} I took Joelle over to Barnes & Noble, where there’s a Starbucks. I bought myself my latte, and I bought Joelle and Blondie Blast bar!
 Yummy yummy yummy :)
Finally enjoying my long-awaited latte :)
 To be honest, even though it was very very good, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are no longer my favorite. I think that Peppermint Mocha’s are now :) {BTW, they’re out now too!} I absolutely love the name Pumpkin Spice, and if you add ‘latte’ to the end of anything it makes it 10 times better!
I found this mug at Starbucks, and I think it’s BEAUTIFUL! I want it for Christmas :) It matches my wallet!
P.S. Pulled in the driveway practically perfect today! Yay for me! It might not seem that hard, but it’s narrow at the bottom, wide in the middle, and then narrow again at the top. It’s just difficult.

mary ann - I LOVE peppermint mochas! :) and that mug is lovely.

Ashlyn Nicole - I want a peppermint mocha.
and congrats on the pulled-in-perfect driveway accomplishment! :)

kimberly - Mm, it really makes me want a tall Starbucks drink.
And that mug is very pretty! Hope you find it under your Christmas tree. :)

Anna Gray - Oh my, I l-o-v-e pumpkin spice lattes! They are such a wonderful treat to have…especially in Autumn! Great photos {as usual}!

Davene Grace - You’re right that your driveway is difficult! I feel that way every time I come over!! Especially backing out… It makes me feel like a new driver all over again, and I’m 35!!

I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon. :)

Emily - lovely pictures!! That looks so good! I love pumpkin spice latte!

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