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Fun with dry erase markers

Joelle and I found a piece of glass and decided to take some funny pictures!
Joelle helping me test the lighting… I had all the lights off {and the window shades down} except for 1 small lamp to the left of Joelle:
 Thinking about nothing…
 Aha! A cupcake! {please excuse my really strange facial expression… I promise I don’t usually look like that :)}
 Seriously considering…
Joelle drew this for me :)
 I’ve got a nasty cold :P
How cute is she?
 I asked her what she was thinking about, and she said a banana and birthday balloons! Um, OK! :)
“Hi my name is Joelle” :)
What do you do with dry erase markers?

Anonymous - this is so awesome! i love this :)


Abbie - aww! love her ponytails and outfit!! :)

that’s a really smart idea! we have a big chalkboard in our house, so i’ve attempted a few chalkboard pictures before.


Em - Haha!! You girls are so creative and I love it :)

Miss Emily K. - SO CUTE!!!!

Ali - That is awesome! I love that last one of Joelle, and well…I love all of them! :D

Emily Ruth - That is sooo cool! I love it!

Sarah-Anne - nothing like that, that’s for sure. i will have to try that sometime!

Emily - That’s a great idea! so cute!!

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