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Isn’t he cute?

Oliver loooooves stretching out in the mornings! He usually finds a sunny spot to lay in, but yesterday morning he just laid down on the sofa :)
 He loves to stretch like this in the morning and he’ll pull himself along the floor :) It’s so cute! He also knows how to ‘bow’! It’s when he stretches and has his rump up in the air! It looks like this :) Except, Oliver is littler and much cuter :D
I love you my little munchkin!

Claire - he sounds like my cat {who I’m pretty sure thinks he’s a dog… ;)! haha! His name is Oliver too– isn’t that weird?! :D your dog is sooooooo adorable!! I just wanna hug him <3

Sarah-Anne - awww, sweet boy! i love his furry face.

Olivia - he looks like he would be fun to cuddle up with:)i used to do that with our dog!!!!!!

~Olivia Marie~

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