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Must. Post. About. CHRISTMAS!!!

Everyone is posting about Christmas, and I need to also!!! I just can’t wait until we get our tree {on Sunday!!!}, because then it will really feel like Christmas!Sorry most of my posts of late have been related to my iTouch… I really needed to make a real post!

First of all, we put up the Christmas village on November 12th, I just never posted about it {that’s another thing… I am constantly posting stuff that I do every year, and it’s getting boring. moving on with life!}. Aren’t these a ton of cords?
Margaret gave us a TON of new houses!!! It’s funny, because a few days before I had been wishing for a new set! This is the Heritage Village collection.
Remember this music emporium? It almost perfectly matches the new set!
 This church is Joelle’s favorite!
 My favorite… the Dursley Manor! Isn’t it so cute?
And our regular village :)
 I always put the shoppers coming out of Tony’s Toy Store! Where else would they go?
When I was little, I used to pretend that these two were in love:
 My 2 favorite dudes sleeping :)
 Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever?
Yesterday, Joelle, mom, and I went to Cracker Barrel for the Christmas discount sale {since Jenny works there she gets an extra discount ;)}
 Hey, guess what! I can drive! :)
 The Christmas Cookie one smells really good, but the Christmas Eve one is stinky!
 I’m not sure what’s up with her face…
Mom sent Joelle and I out to the van so she could buy some presents. She ‘sweetened’ the deal by throwing in a hot fudge sundae ;)
Half on the sofa, half on the bean-bag!
Something came in the mail yesterday…
 The iTouch case I wanted!!!
 Mom had bought it for me for Christmas… She brought in a package from Amazon yesterday and I jokingly asked if it was my Speck, and turns out it was! Now I feel guilty, because I have it, but I don’t, because I love it :)
Ain’t it purty?
We re-arranged the living room yesterday evening so we can put our tree in the corner! It will go in front of the window beside the bookshelf.
 Toilet paper stars… sounds gross but looks pretty!
I couldn’t stand it anymore, so we put up the Christmas balls in the window!
 December 1st can’t come quick enough.
Doesn’t it look blah out there??? It should at least snow.
Look at that awesome birdie!
Morocco sleeping in the wood pile :) Sometimes he actually sleeps in it, so we need to locate him before we light it!!!
Found this on Pinterest, thought it was cute, made it {that’s basically how my life goes}:
Oatmeal and hot chocolate… yum yum!
We went to Cracker Barrel again today, and got lunch! I ate the Cinnamon French Toast Breakfast, and it was fantabulous!!!
 Get it quick, it’s only a winter-time special!
We also got 4 matching stockings! We really want to do them this year, but we have 3 matching and 1 not {because Joelle came along much later :)}.
 They are above my head as I type, and Jenny’s is looking kind of lumpy…
When we got home from Cracker Barrel, this package was waiting for us…
 From this post, only Miss Emily K. got the answer right! It’s a Wii!
Her face is priceless :) We weren’t expecting it until tomorrow, so she was ecstatic to see it by the door! Unfortunately, we don’t have any games to go with it :P We’re borrowing some from some family tomorrow, and then buying our own :)

Joelle and I being silly:

 Ollie-bear sleeping on {one of his many} blankets.
Now that the sofa is in front of the big window, Oliver likes to sit on top and rule the world! :)
So now you are all caught up on my life! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while… I’ll have some worth-while posts coming soon, and there’s also a giveaway in the works! It will have to be after Christmas though! So maybe, a Happy New Years giveaway??? :)

*all these pictures are SOOC {except for the occasional cropping and the last picture (just converted to B&W)}, so sorry if your eyes are burning! i was just too tired to edit them all {because there were a TON!}

Abbie - i LOVE the video! so cute and funny :) i love joelle at the end!

we’re putting up our tree tonight! it was supposed to be tomorrow, but whatever. the sooner the better :)


Kiley - i had that ipod case and it cracked after like two weeks of getting it. :/ I hope yours doesn’t do that!!

Miss Emily K. - That’s such a cute video!!

and i love the last picture :)

Sophie - ADORE THE VIDEO! I feel as if I know you two completely now! :)

Abbie - ^i agree with sophie.


Tabitha - I love when bloggers post videos! We get to hear your voice! :) Joelle reminds me of my little sister. :)

I cannot wait to get my iPod touch! Your posts make me more anxious!!! lol I don’t mind either!

Christmas will be here before we know it!!!!

Emily - I love this post! And the video was so cute!!! I really love the last picture…so adorable!!

Davene Grace - Your Christmas village looks so nice! You really have a lot of wonderful pieces for it now. Did you keep all the headless people? ;-)

I think tomorrow is the day I’ll let the boys help me dig into our Christmas decorations. Fun, fun, fun! :)

Lauren - I love everything about this post :) And isn’t the Christmas Cookie candle simply spectacular? It’s one of my favorites!
~Lauren :)

Rebecca - Ahh, Christmas☺ I agree, December can’t get here fast enough!:)

Sarah-Anne - pfffttt. i haven’t posted ANYTHING about Christmas. that’s OK, though. i have a whole month left ;)
so glad that ya’ll got a Wii! i love ours :)

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