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Out of my way!!! I want those slippers!

Reminds me of this lady:
She is too funny!

There were a pair of slippers I really wanted, and they were on sale for $12!!! So I convinced mom to take me to the mall last night at 11:30pm. We got there and then line was all the way around the side of the building, and then all the way around the back of Target! It was CRAZY! There must have been at least 800 people in line, just for Target. And it was coooooooold. So we said see you later Target! I didn’t want the slippers THAT badly! So we went home and happily slept :)

Kate went out early-ish {early is relative on Black Friday!} before she went to work, and found the very last pair of chocolate brown slippers, in my size! YAY! So she picked them up and then we met her at her work and I got them! Hallelujah!

Aren’t they beautiful? They are sooo soft and comfy :)
Aren’t they nice with my pink and green socks? ;)
I also bought something else, but I can’t write about it here because some people read my blog :)
Happy Black Friday!
P.S. Joelle and I both have surprises coming in the mail, and mine is {very hopefully!!!} coming TODAY!!! Joelle’s will come in about a week. There’s a little hint somewhere in this post :) Comment and tell me if you find it!

Hope - Okay, I think I saw “Canon” in Joelle’s handwriting on that leaf… is it a new camera?!

Sophie - yeah, those shoes are very popular this holiday season. I got some from L.L. Bean :)

Jenn - I have the same ones in the light brown color but had my eye on the brown ones, and have since I got the tan colored ones. I might have to purchase the brown ones…they are just UBER comfy!

Abbie - black friday is alot less crazy in canada… i actually only started seeing alot of black friday sales this year. we don’t live near any big stores (the woes of living in a small town), but this Thursday I got some clothes from Aeropostale as part of the Black Friday Week sale. :)


Jessica - wow, good for you! and haha, the video and cartoon made me laugh XD

dezzy louise ♥ - Those shoes look comfy! LOVE those commercials… that lady is hilarious. I’ve never laughed at a commercial so hard. And what are you getting in the mail… hmmm… I think the answer is in the leaf that Joelle wrote on! But I can’t read it very well(: Black Friday here was crazy too! We were trying to get a trampoline from walmart! One lady was being extremely rude and sat on top of most of the trampoline boxes so no one else could get them! I was so mad! All the people we saw were C-R-A-Z-Y! I’m talking way too much… SORRY! haha!


Tessa - Hahaha! That commercial is so funny!! those shoes do look comfy! :)

Miss Emily K. - That thing is so funny…. :)

i can’t really read joelle’s writing, but is it a Wii? i think that the end of her thing looks like “can soup” lol. just goes to show you how my brain works.

love the shoes!! i’m going to be posting pictures of a few things i got, so keep looking!!

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