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She’s so brave!

Joelle decided 2 days ago that she wanted her hair cut. She had wanted it to be as long as Rapunzel’s, but she finally decided to just chop it off! It would get so tangly, and it just looks so absolutely adorable now!
She was a little nervous at first :) I think she looks JUST like Kate in this picture! It’s almost scary!!!
Getting excited!
 It is SO cute! And she absolutely loves it :)
Me and Josie Posie!
Oliver had a bath on Friday and was shivering, so Jenny cuddled with him in his cow blanket:
He is so spoiled :)

Julia - Both Joelle and Oliver are absolutely adorable! Love the haircut!

Ashlyn Nicole - She is darling. really! her hair is so cute!

Emily - Awww!! She’s sooo cute!!

Sarah-Anne - WOW her hair was super long…way to go Joelle for taking the plunge and chopping it off!

Cindi - I just love this blog! Lovely writing! :))


Miss Emily K. - I liked her hair long, but it looks so cute short!!

I’m trying to grow mine our :)

Claire - wow she had long hair! I think it’s really cute short though ;) I love your little sister. She’s adorable!

Emilie - Wow! I didn’t realize that Joelle’s hair was so long! I love her new haircut. :)

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