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Sisters ♥

Even though sometimes I act like I really don’t like Joelle, and even though sometimes she really does get on my nerves, we really do love each other :)
{mom took this picture upside down so i had to flip it :)}


My new Facebook profile picture :)

This was the very first picture I took, and I didn’t check the settings because she was too cute I couldn’t miss it! So I tried to fix it as best as I could:

{scroll over picture to see SOOC}
This is why I shoot RAW! It may not be the most gorgeous picture ever, but at least it’s somewhat salvageable :)

Yay for fall!

mary ann - Looks like fun! You guys are so cute :)

Abbie - what a horrid comment above! :( i personally think you’re beautiful, Emily. :) and these photos are gorgeous! i wish i had a sister. instead i have 5 brothers! :)


Simi - aw…y’all are so cute!

Emily Ruth - Gorgeous photos, Emily! You all are so cute!

Tabitha - You two girls are gorgeous! :) And it is so cute that you love each other. Sisters are awesome. And once more, your photography is absolutely amazing. I wish was as good as you are with a camera!

Tessa - Adorable pictures!! :)

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