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Something I have been waiting for for a loooong time finally arrived today!!!
No, thank you!
Any guesses???
 My very own iPod Touch!!! Now I can satisfy my Angry Birds obsession, without stealing Jenny’s iTouch :)
And I’m actually not that obsessed anymore… Mom and I got 3 stars in all the levels :) Now we need to start over with mine!
Hello new self-portraits!!!
First pictures {I absolutely loooove Instagram!}:
I am sooooo happy! Next on my list to buy is this case from Speck :) I bought my iTouch used from eBay, but it works absolutely perfectly with NO scratches! I bought it from a big company/seller. I got the 32gb, because I plan to take LOTS of pictures!!! They go for $299 used, but I got mine for $212!!! I am so thankful for my iTouch! It is absolutely perfect!
Plus, I got this adorable little freebie from the app store:
When you talk to him, he’ll say the same thing in a Smurf voice! It makes us laugh so hard, and then it says ‘Tee-hee’ which makes us laugh harder :)
I have joined the iTouch club!!!
{hint: on my last post, i mentioned that joelle is getting something in the mail… most of you were right, the answer is somewhere on the leaf! let me know if you find it!}

Abbie - nice!!!

i have one of the new iPod nanos w/ a touch screen. it’s pretty cool, but someday i’ll probably get a iTouch instead. :)


~Quinlyn~ - WOOT! Congrats, Emily! I have one too and I love it!

Tabitha - I’m getting a 32gb iPod touch for Christmas, and well, I am SOOOOOO excited!I’m getting mine on eBay too. :)

mary ann - Yayayay, it’s so pretty! I wish I had a 32gv – I fill up my 8gb all the time, and I have to keep deleting apps.
what’s your instagram username?

Lexi - Congrats on your new ipod touch. How fun. :) Thanks for following my new blog!


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