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Panda Bear Cupcakes

I saw these absolutely adorable cupcakes on Bakerella exactly yesterday morning, and I knew I had to make them! They looked simple enough, and they definitely were! Most people know I’m not a huge fan of decorating, and I’m honestly not very good at it. I’d much rather cook than decorate sugar cookies :) But these seemed very easy, so I decided to give them a try!If I ever need to decorate something, I try to start with a boxed mix :) Homemade mixes and loads of decorating is just way too much ;)

Here’s how to make the adorable panda bears:
 Start with a plain mini chocolate cupcake.
Put a small ‘tower’ of icing in the middle.
 Smush in sugar!
 Yay! All smooth!
 Add the ears…
 The eyes…
 And nose…
 And a sprinkle mouth!
 Ta-da! Isn’t he cute :)
 Then pipe some white frosting on for the eyes.
 This is Joelle’s beautiful creation :)
Aren’t they cute?

{again, thanks goes to Bakerella for this fabulous idea!}

Abbie - Those are just adorable. Seriously.

Abbie /// XOXOX

Hope - These are so adorable! Oh my goodness, now I’m craving cupcakes!

Marcia - yummy!! can you tell me what you use as your pink background?

Madeline - Those are so pretty! I can’t wait to try to make them!

Sophie - They look scrumptious!!! I live the b&w photo and the two last ones the most, and of purse Joelle’s creation is magnificent :)


Tabitha - Cute! I wanna go make these now! So adorable and so simple! Thanks for sharing.

Ala - your blog is really great

MargaretAnn - Oh my word! Those are so adorable! I really want cupcakes now. :)


Emily - Wow!! These are so cute!! You’re an awesome photographer!

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